Cardio-Aid 360B

Cardio Aid 360B is a biphasic defibrillator that integrates state-of-the-art technologies which make quick live saving possible. This system delivers a biphasic shock even at 360J energy level if necessary.The exceptionally short charging times ensure that the quickest intervention is possible, increasing chances of survival. The user is guided by a clear screen and voice commands throughthe resuscitation procedure according to the latest ERC guidelines. Safe and simple operation minimizes the chances of error from the user’s side, after receiving a brief training.


The main goal of designing STAR (self tracking active response) biphasic waveform was to optimize energy delivery. Maximal energy accuracy is guaranteed by the FPIM technology under any circumstances, which ensures the most effective therapy.



The applied FVFT technology guarantees quick and reliable detection of patient arrhythmia both in AED and in manual modes. Patient’s safety and efficiency of the therapy is achieved by the continuous monitoring of patient’s chest impedance.



The new IBLT system always gives adequate information on the status of the battery. The operating time on battery is significantly increased. Even in case of missing or flat battery, all functions of the device can be operated from mains. Easy handling makes this a preferred choice for hospital and clinical use.


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