Videoprint Media

Tecnocarta supplies original print media for Sony and Mitsubishi ultrasound medical printers, which are widely used in virtually every existing healthcare facility. The assortment embraces the complete Sony UPP and UPC series, as well as the Mitsubishi CK, K and PK series.

Compatible thermal rolls by Durico are also on stock: their quality is long acknowledged by healthcare professionals worldwide, who appreciate the high image resolution and durability, the high resistance to water, grease and gels, the ease of tearing and the minimal curling effect afterwards.

All videographic print media supplied by Tecnocarta support both black&white and color image printing and come in the glossy, matt and high density versions. All rolls, regardless of the brand, are packaged individually in a silver plastic film that protects the product from dust, dirt and humidity.

Please note that the original Sony and Mitsubishi print media cannot be given away as samples, as their quality and reliability is given for granted. Durico compatibles, on the contrary, are available for testing in limited quantities.

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