Pregnancy Test Card

Hicks offer a comprehensive range of Diagnostic Products like HCG Pregnancy Test Strips, HCG Pregnancy Test Cards HCG Pregnancy Test Cassettes that are widely used in various therapeutic / medical applications.


The various Pregnancy Card/Cassette manufactured by Hicks, avalable in the market are:



  • Easy Check PT-03
  • Sleek PT-05
  • Easy Check (Gold) Premium PT-06
  • Easy Check PT-01



The Pregnancy Card/Cassette has below features:



  • One Step Pregnancy (HCG) Test Cassette/Card
  • HCG Pregnancy Test Cards are small Sized & Economical.
  • The HCG pregnancy test cards is a fast, easy to use, qualitative immunoassay for detecting human Chrorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) in urine or both urine and serum samples
  • Superior Technology : Rapid Elisa Immuno Chromatographic Technique
  • Superior Sensitivity : 20mlU/ml - Detects Pregnancy on the day missed period



Superior Results: Darker bands without smudging or Ghost image within 5 mins.


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