Plaster of Paris Bandages - Hixfix

Plaster of Paris Bandages - Hixfix is smooth cast bandage consisting of superior quality of creamy texture (leno / gauze) fabric evenly impregnated with fine quality of Plaster of paris (GYPSUM) powder mixture with minimum setting time. Plaster of Paris Bandages  - Hixfix  is  available in the sizes of Z-01: Hixfix 10cm X 2.7Z-02, Hixfix 15cm X 2.7mtr


Features of Plaster of Paris Bandages  - Hixfix:



  • Hixfix  is made from light weight fine POP powder & Leno / gauze, fabric light weight, easy to use with high compression & tensile strength. Hixfix is smooth, creamy finish & cosmetic look bandage. Easy and excellent mould ability & consistent layer to merging. Higher concentration & retention of pop powder ensuring durable cast strength.


  • Quick saturation, Rapid setting time, Minimum loss of free powder.
  • Hixfix has excellent water absorbency capacity, shorter immersion, rapid setting time, minimal wet & dry powder loss, reduces repeat use of bandages and is very economical.
  • Smooth finish, strong, durable.  Minimal blind spots on water absorption and no dry patches on bandages.


Applications of Plaster of Paris Bandages - Hixfix:



  • Immobilization of all types of simple and compound fractures.
  • Bone fractures, joint diseases, osteotomy correction and prevention of club - foot deformity.
  • For treatment of dislocation of hip, other orthopaedic fractures, split, soft tissue injuries, spinal tuberculosis and trauma.


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