Anesthesia Machine GSM III A

Grand Services offers a wide range of Anesthesia Machines. The working mode for the machine is Closed System, Half-Closed System and Half-Open System. Alarms Parameters Upper and Lower Airway Pressure Alarm; Upper and Lower Tidal Volume Alarm; Lack of Oxygen Alarm; Apnea; Power Outages. The machine is Pneumatically Driven and Electrically Controlled, and the monitoring parameters: Tidal Volume, the Respiratory Rate; I/E Ratio; the Peak Airway Pressure; Airway Pressure Waveform. The working mode is Manual Control or Automatic Control. The Pacakge Size: one wooden box:84*63*73cm, gross weight:70KG another wooden box: 84*83*96cm, gross weight: 110KG.

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