Company : Elekta AB

Category : Oncology

Treatment Planning Systems

Elakta’s new oncology brand redefines innovation. The company has been providing oncology treatment planning system solutions since the introduction of OSS. As a global radiation oncology provider, the treatment planning systems from Elekta provide both simple and complex treatment needs. Together with, Impac software and CMS software, Elekta oncology delivers integrated solutions through its treatment planning systems that inspire confidence in healthcare providers and their patients. Elekta offers a wide range of integrated solutions through its treatment planning systems of PreciseNET™, PrecisePLAN®, PreciseBEAM® and iViewGT™.

Precise Treatment System™ provides the complete solution as a treatment planning system, delivering speed, accuracy and resolution necessary for advanced clinical applications such as IMRT. The treatment planning systems of PrecisePLAN® support a variety of clinical treatment techniques starting from the motorized wedge. The accurate and reproducible target localization of Stereotactic Body Frame® offers the possibility of planning for dose escalation protocols. The Elekta International IMRT Consortium research into the scientific and clinical delivery of IMRT protocols further support the treatment planning systems. Consortium sites continue to research leading edge inverse planning technology for use in treatment planning systems with Hyperion, including radiobiological effect – to provide tools for second generation IMRT planning and delivery. Elekta employs user feedback on all its treatment planning systems which has led to the implementation of the Omni Wedge.

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