The HbO-3000is the next generation device in the HbO Pulse Oximeter range. The HbO-3000 fingertip pulse oximeter contains all the necessary features required for SpO2 spot checking and so on. It also contains the integrated SpO2 and pulse rate alarms notifying the user of high and low values. The Perfusion Indexing identifies the best location for signal detection.

HbO-3000 Pulse oximeterscontain five different brightness settings and six screen display options. The auto off function reserves battery life. With two 1.5 AAA batteries the device can be used up to 20 hours. The HbO-3000 is designed and built to withstand the challenges of daily use.

Product features:

The HbO-3000 features:


  • An optional six directional display mode for operator convenience
  • Perfusion Indicator
  • Five OLED brightness levels
  • User defined parameter settings for both SpO2
  • Pulse rate criteria indicating visual
  • Audible alerts for high and low values.

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