Wireless System of Inertial Sensors

BTS G-WALK is the innovative BTS solution for the evaluation of the spatial-temporal gait parameters ideal to evaluate all the pathologies related to gait disorders. BTS G-WALK is a wireless system of inertial sensors composed of a triaxial accelerometer, a magnetic sensor, and a triaxial gyroscope that, when positioned on L5 vertebrae of the spine, it allows for a functional objective gait analysis to be performed. The system extrapolates the data and calculates all the spatial-temporal gait parameters required to perform an assessment or to define a training strategy. BTS G-WALK is an intuitive and easy-to-use instrument to obtain accurate, objective and quantitative data. The tests are quick to execute and do not require any preparation of the subject. The automatic report generation makes BTS G-WALK the ideal solution for a wide range of applications: assessment, prevention, diagnosis and follow-up of rehabilitative, orthotic or pharmacological interventions.

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