Therapeutic Solutions

BTS NIRVANA is a therapeutic solution based on specific exercises for rehabilitation of patients affected by neuromotor pathologies. Strengths of the system are the playful and target oriented nature and its sensorial feedback richness that provide stimulus to the patient. BTS NIRVANA is a markerless system based on optoelectronic infrared devices that allows for a complete audio and visual sensorial immersion in virtual settings, with whom the patient can interact simply through his movement. Each exercise is characterized by several modalities and incremental levels of difficulty. The system, thanks to its high versatility, offers a set of exercises for upper limbs, lower limbs and trunk. Specific exercises, aimed at regaining motor control and reducing impairment, can be used independently on the disease. Some others, defined by specific visual and audio feedback or execution modalities, are explicitly dedicated to a unique pathology. Every exercise is integrated with score allowing the practitioner to monitor patient’s performance and consequently to modify the difficulty level in the exercise. The score also acts as a major motivational incentive thanks to the real time visualization observed by the patient during the exercise. A report, with the exercise list and the score for every task, is automatically generated after every trial to keep track of the therapy. A temporal report can also be created to evaluate the treatment effectiveness.

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