Rehabilitation Robotics

BTS ANYMOV is a rehabilitative robotic hospital bed for patient focused mobilization that permits a specific and repeatable training made of gradual passive exercises. It allows an assisted, segmented and multi-segmented mobilization of hip, knees and tibiotarsal joints, through passive exercises, customizable coherently with patient’s possibilities. BTS ANYMOV allows performing the motor therapy directly in the hospital bed, as the first rehabilitation stage following a stroke, prevents damage due to immobility and functional impairment. It is made of 4 movable sections using high precision motors: the whole bed base can be controlled in lift and lateral movement thanks to telescopic pillars; the back can be inclined up to 90°; the lower limb dedicated bases allow hip abduction-adduction movements. The tibiotarsal joint dorsi-plantarflextion and the knee flexi-extension are actuated by two dedicated motors, presenting clutches on guides placed under the lower limb bases.

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