Surgical Gloves

PRIMUS manufactures Sterile Latex Surgical Gloves for use in Surgeons Operating Room / Environments. Surgical gloves have more precise sizing (from size 5.5 to size 9) and are of higher specifications. These gloves are anatomic in shape and fits perfectly to the surgeon’s hand   enabling him to get a better grip and functionality   while   performing surgery.  Primus Manufactures both Powdered Surgeons Gloves and Powder FREE Surgeons gloves. Powder Free Surgeons Gloves are basically used by surgeons who are prone to protein allergy by latex. Primus also manufactures Powder FREE Surgeons Gloves which are Polymer Coated which helps for easy donning of the glove by the surgeons. The Surgeons Gloves are basically beaded in nature, but   some European countries demand Non Beaded Gloves. These types of Gloves are also manufactured by Primus based on minimum order quality levels.  The Powdered Surgeons Gloves are   sterilized by EO (Ethylene Oxide Gas) and Powder FREE by Gamma radiation.  Packing of the glove is based on specifications by the customer.

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