uLab Systems works with MEM Dental to expand the range of orthodontic products

Tuesday, Mar 05, 2019

ULab Systems, a developer of pioneering orthotics solutions, has entered into a partnership with MEM Dental. MEM Dental is a leader in the manufacture of high quality dental products with offices in Sweden and Taiwan. MEM Dental is entering the orthotics business, and uLab Systems will help provide orthotic solution development software.

Charlie Wen, president and chief technology officer of uLab, said: "MEM is extremely important to technology and is now turning its attention to the orthotics, making MEM Dental an ideal partner for uLab. After evaluating the function of many commercial treatment planning solutions, MEM Dental has finally determined that uLab is the ideal software for meeting the needs of its digital production workflow. They have decided to work with uLab in many options, which is highly recognized by us."

MEM Dental's orthotic manufacturing facility is located in the Science Industrial Park in Southern Taiwan. This state-of-the-art manufacturing facility opened in 2008 with a focus on high quality standards and innovative solutions.

Michael Wei, CEO of MEM Dental, said: "We are pleased to extend our orthodontic products to the Orthotics. The uLab software is perfect for our team; this type of software enables rapid development of treatment options, even for complex Orthotics cases. So, we appreciate it very much. By working with uLab, we can easily develop an end-to-end treatment plan to better support our doctors."

uLab is currently planning a commercial release at the annual meeting of the American Orthodontic Association in May this year.



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