Ortho Clinical Diagnostics presents its VITROS® test of peptide C

Monday, Mar 12, 2018

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, the international leader in in vitro diagnostics, today announced the introduction of several VITROS ® immunodiagnostic products consisting of a package of reagents and calibrators for the analysis of the C peptide, which come to expand the range of tests offered by the company for various aspects of diabetes and other pancreatic disorders. The analysis is already commercialized in EE. UU and in countries that accept CE marking.

The determination of peptide C is used in the diagnosis and treatment of different types of diabetes and other similar ailments. The pancreatic β cells are responsible for the production and segregation of C-peptide and their quantification contributes to differentiate between type I, type II, latent autoimmune (LADA) and juvenile onset diabetes. maturity (MODY); The test is also used to detect absolute insulin deficiency. 1, 2 In conjunction with the values ??of insulin and glucose, the determination of C-peptide also makes it possible to differentiate between an artificial hypoglycaemia and an endogenous hyperinsulinism caused by an insulinoma or other disorders. 3. 4

"At Ortho, our goal is to provide the wide range of methods that healthcare professionals need to monitor and treat complex metabolic diseases and ailments, such as diabetes," said Robert Yates , director of Operations at Ortho. "The inclusion of C-peptide in our VITROS ® range demonstrates our constant commitment to innovation, which allows our clients to achieve their goals."

According to the World Health Organization, diabetes affects 9% of the world population aged 18 years and older 5 and, what is more, 191 million people with the disease are undiagnosed. 6 Diabetes is treated as a chronic and lifelong condition in which there are several concurrent diseases of concern, so it is essential that laboratories have an interlocutor to provide assistance in the continuum that is the diagnosis of diabetes.

This presentation comes after the worldwide launch of an insulin test performed by Ortho in July 2017, a test that came to be added to the full range of diabetes products available to the company, including HbA1c, glucose, β-hydroxybutyrate, NUS / urea creatinine and microalbumin. On a global scale, Ortho has been working since mid-2014 to provide the market with around 60 new or improved tests to offer its customers, a process that will continue until the end of 2018.