Oneview Healthcare Announces Technology Development Collaboration with Intel

Thursday, Feb 16, 2017

Oneview Healthcare PLC the Australian-listed Irish healthcare company, today announced a technology development collaboration agreement with Intel focused on accelerating time-to-market patient experience solutions and services.

As government policies shift towards reimbursing healthcare providers for patient outcomes versus procedure or fee-based care, the opportunity for patient engagement solutions will grow dramatically. Well-documented data proves the positive correlation between enhanced patient engagement and improved outcomes and decreased costs associated with delivering healthcare.[1]

Oneview and Intel are seeking to develop a long-term roadmap of joint solutions that utilize our respective technologies to deliver best-in-class patient engagement solutions and customer experiences across acute, elder care and community care environments.  The collaboration could include utilizing Intel’s products, technologies and investments focused on edge and mobile compute, sensing, data-center compute portfolio for advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, network, storage, wearable compute, security and other development tools, along with engineering resources.

“We are very excited about the prospects for this collaboration which will enable us to expand and accelerate the development of new patient engagement solutions,” commented James Fitter, CEO of Oneview. “This in turn will enable healthcare providers across the continuum of care to better achieve their goals using best-of-breed technologies.”



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