New Hill-Rom® 900 Accella™ Bed Enhances Patient Care

Friday, May 19, 2017

Hill-Rom Holdings, Inc., announced the launch of the new Hill-Rom® 900 Accella™ bed system for higher acuity patients in intensive and acute care settings. Hill-Rom's new bed system is available in select markets outside the United States and builds on the successful Hill-Rom 900 platform, with its proven reliability and years of exemplary performance in hospitals around the globe.

"Higher acuity settings are some of the most challenging environments in which to provide quality patient care," said Paul Johnson, president of Hill-Rom Patient Support Systems. "In specialty medical/surgical units and step-down ICUs, patients' needs are increasingly acute, the volume of patients can be overwhelming, and staffing resources are rarely ideal. That's where the new Hill-Rom 900 Accella bed can provide significant benefits."

Hill-Rom 900 Accella™ Bed: Advancing Safety, Enhancing Outcomes, and Improving Productivity and the Patient Experience

The new Hill-Rom 900 Accella™ bed offers caregivers a number of features that make caring for patients easier and safer, improving patients' overall care experience. The Hill-Rom 900 Accella bed offers innovations that work towards:

•  Advancing safety. Patient falls result in extended length of stay, higher likelihood of readmission, and increased risk of complications1. With the Hill-Rom Accella bed's three-mode bed exit alarm, intelligent night light, brake-off indicator and low-height indicator, caregivers can more easily prevent the most frequently reported incidents of falls2.
•  Enhancing outcomes. The Hill-Rom 900 Accella bed allows easy positioning of patients at risk of pulmonary complications. A head-of-bed (HOB) angle alert supports compliance of local protocols, which can be critical as studies have shown that when the HOB is elevated to 45 degrees, there is a ventilator-associated pneumonia rate of about 5 percent compared to when the patients were lying supine, where the rate is 23 percent.3 With the bed's EasyChair™ feature, caregivers can easily place patients in a seated position to facilitate better breathing and prepare them for mobilization. In addition, the bed's One-Touch Side Egress feature allows caregivers to help the patient exit the bed in an optimal sequence by simply pressing one button, therefore facilitating the full focus of the caregiver on the patient.
•  Improving productivity and overall patient experience. The Hill-Rom 900 Accella bed's simple weigh feature allows caregivers to quickly measure a patient's weight without having to make adjustments to the bed­­­. The bed's intuitive Graphical Caregiver Interface simplifies workflow by offering caregivers a bright and easy-to-use interactive touch screen that controls HOB and bed-exit alerts, simple weigh and bed positioning. With SlideGuard™ technology, Hill-Rom 900 Accella bed can achieve a 50% reduction in patient migration compared with other similar beds, resulting in less patient repositioning and reduced torso compression.4

"We are proud of the engineering and innovation built in to the Hill-Rom 900 Accella bed," said Johnson. "This bed system is an excellent solution for high acuity settings given its intuitive bed controls and productivity enhancements that afford increased caregiver time with patients and improved patient satisfaction."

The Hill-Rom 900 Accella bed is available with a wide range of foam, hybrid and powered surfaces for the prevention of pressure injuries and the promotion of their healing.



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