Lineagen and PWNHealth Partner to Expand Access to Genetic Testing Solutions

Friday, Jan 11, 2019

Lineagen, a leading provider of clinical genetic testing, is partnering with PWNHealth to expand access to its clinical genetic tests.

Michael S. Paul, Ph.D., Lineagen's Chief Executive Officer, states "We are thrilled to be partnering with PWNHealth to make our genetic testing solutions more accessible to families across the autism and neurodevelopmental disorder communities."

PWNHealth's telemedicine solutions will help Lineagen address common challenges faced by many families that want to act now on concerns about delays in a child's development. Across the country, there are unnecessary lengthy wait times and access issues associated with obtaining a clinical diagnosis as well as first-tier genetic tests from qualified healthcare professionals. "Time matters for these kids and their families. Lineagen is committed to helping reduce the diagnostic and clinical odyssey experienced by many individuals and families across the autism and neurodevelopmental disorder spectrum," states Dr. Paul.

Clinical genetic tests provided by Lineagen require an order from a licensed healthcare provider. "Our partnership with PWNHealth represents an important step towards fulfilling our commitment to enhance and accelerate diagnostic testing by leveraging innovations in telehealth," adds Dr. Paul. PWNHealth's expertise will enable Lineagen to adapt to a growing demand for consumer-initiated diagnostic testing by developing a digital platform that streamlines the ordering process while maintaining the requisite oversight and guidance of licensed clinical providers and genetic counselors.

"PWNHealth follows medical genetic best practices as well as strict clinical protocols. We're delighted to partner with Lineagen to bring greater access to the clinical benefits of genetic testing to such an important patient population," said PWNHealth Medical Director of Genetic Services, Paldeep Atwal, MD. "Our mission is to bridge the gap between consumer demand for genetic testing and the need for medical oversight and sound clinical genetic expertise. Our model integrates physicians and genetic counselors in a way that safeguards the consumer and ensures appropriate follow-up and guidance on results."



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