Elite Hearing Network Announces Strategic Partnership with Hear Billing Solutions

Friday, Mar 15, 2019

Elite Hearing Network, the largest network of independent hearing care providers in the United States, announced today a definitive partnership agreement with Hear Billing Solutions, a provider of ‘audiology’ only billing services.

The newly formed partnership will bring, for the first time, expert consultative services in the billing and insurance claims space to Elite members. Complex processes, increasing regulatory standards, and lengthy credentialing and contracting periods are a serious constraint for many independent audiologists and hearing care providers.

Through the Hear Billing Solutions partnership, Elite members benefit from consulting and support throughout the entire billing process from verifications to billing claims and posting payments. Staff-training and audits are among other services this strategic partnership delivers.

Head of Operations for Elite, Lih Fang Chew, says this is just one of many exciting new services the network has in store for its members. “We are committed to continuously bringing turn-key solutions to our members which will allow them to grow their practice exponentially while focusing more time on individual patients,” said Chew.

Stacey Long, founder and CEO of Hear Billing Solutions, echoed Lih Fang Chew’s enthusiasm to bring this new service to Elite members. “Navigating the insurance industry can be difficult and time-consuming,” said Long. “As an audiology-only billing company, our team of experts acts as an extension to the member’s office, seeing every claim through the process so the office can focus on its patients.”

This sentiment is shared by Executive Vice President of Amplifon SpA and President of the Elite Hearing Network, Marc Lundeberg. "In our continuous effort to be thought leaders within our sector and for our network members, we are delighted to have closed this exclusive partnership, to help our members navigate through the complexities of the managed care market, whilst they can focus on what they most like to do: help patients regain the gift of sound,” said Lundeberg.

The partnership was previewed to Elite members at an annual business summit earlier this year and many have already gotten in early on this new service offering.



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