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Intensive care bed

Since the foundation of the company we engage in production of high-quality medical equipment and furniture. The main group of products consist of beds for urgent care, hospital beds, special beds, care beds, beds for children and infants, bedside cabinets, multifunctional carts, transportation troleys, cardiac chairs, height adjustable tables and laboratory tables, height adjustable kitchen CHEF MATE, sanitary equipment and many more.

Already during the development of new products, we cooperate with medical personnel to have our products ready to meet the most demanding requirements of modern medicine and also facilitate medical staff and patients for daily work with them. At the same time we pay attention to high quality materials to ensure high durability and low costs associated with any potential service action.

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Riegrova 342
552 03 Ceska Skalice,
Czech Republic, Europe
Tel: + 420 491 112 233
URL: http://promareha.cz/

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