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Opitek International

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Lateral Fixation/ Hip Fix, Pedistirrup, Handfixation, Accessories & Leg & arm lifting

Opitek International
Opitek International

Leg and Arm Lift

We develop, design, manufacture and distribute devices and knowledge designed to facilitate a varity of procedures in the operating theatre.

Our product program has been developed based on demands from operating theatre nurses and doctors.

We have always put function, quality and user friendliness first. Our present focus areas are:

Fixation devices for lateral patient positioning - ie Hip Surgery
Devices for lifting and holding of legs and arms before and during surgery - ie pre-operative scrubbing
Fixation devices for Hand Surgery
Leg support device for paediatric surgery
Accessories for the above products - ao single use lifting straps

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Opitek International
DK-2600 Glostrup
Tel: +45 3966 1644
URL: www.opitek.dk

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