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EE-Systems GmbH

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Robotic cables, System cables, EMI cables Control Engineering, High-flex data cables GigaSTar & High-end medical technology

EE-Systems GmbH
EE-Systems GmbH

Robotic cables

EE-Systems is the extended arm of E&E Kabeltechnik into the "Automation and Medical Valley" in Southern Germany with the office in Wendelstein.

The objective target of EE-System is to focus on and push forward the product management in the field of automation techniques and medical electronics as well as to reinforce the international acquaintance of the brand E&E.

In close cooperation with the technical engineering staff of E&E we develop and transform new ideas for products, handle particular demanding and challenging applications, establish and attend strategic and operative collaborations and progress export activities for E&E cable products.

• Customer support European wide
• Automation and Medical technology European wide
• GigaSTaR® cables
• Products for the car fabrication
• swivel transmitters for industrial robots (uni-swiv®)

Contact Details

EE-Systems GmbH
Schulstraße 19A
D-90530 Wendelstein
Tel: +49-9129-90 99 97- 0
URL: www.ee-systems.de

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