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Photometers, Automatic and Semi-Automatic Clinical Chemistry Analyzers

Crony Instruments s.r.l.
Crony Instruments s.r.l.

Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

Crony Instruments s.r.l. was established in 1967 by a research team specialized in automation for the clinical laboratory. A small group of highly experienced scientists in the field of clinical chemistry, electronics, optics and mechanics. The team joined forces to produce one of the first fully automatic, discreet sampling Clinical Chemistry Analyzer in the world in direct competition with the continuous flow system.

Crony’s successful in Italy and abroad gives Crony the possibility to develop new instruments for the clinical chemistry laboratory such as photometers, automatic and semi-automatic analyzer for clinical chemistry and hematology.

Since 1969 Crony Instruments has been marketing directly and through its distributors and agents world-wide a range of semi-automatic and fully automatic clinical chemistry analyzers. Since Crony has patented and brought to the market a large number of instruments and fully automatic Clinical Chemistry Analyzers.

Thanks to its know how and its innovating ideas, Crony has also developed and manufactured a number of instruments for clinical chemistry, immunology and coagulation for several multinational companies on OEM basis, that are sold under different names on the world market. Crony today is highly successful private owned Company. It invests a lot of its efforts in research and development of new and improved products with an up to date and highly innovating technology.

Crony has a highly experienced R&D group in constant work to develop new and more sophisticated systems for the clinical laboratory. Crony, furthermore, avails itself and cooperates with external specialized consultants for particular and special projects in order to maintain its status as an up to date and technology innovating Company.

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