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Doctor Weight Scales & Electronic Body Weighing Machines

Charder Electronic Co. Ltd.
Charder Electronic Co. Ltd.

Digital Medical Scales

Charder Medical, a electronic weighing scales manufacturer which stems from the two-decade of success of Charder Electronic in the field of sensing and measurement industry, electric weighting scales whose medical baby scale MS 2400 has won the Germany IF Design Award as early as in 2003 which is analogous to the Oscar Award in the field of Industrial Design.

Armed with Charder Electronic's wealth of experiences in the field of sensing measurement, Charder Medical aims to create a new wave of user experiences in the field of medical weighing industry, with medical devices and services that emphasize on respect for the life and comfort of the patients and users.

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Charder Electronic Co. Ltd.
No. 103, Guozhong Rd.,
Dali Dist., Taichung City
412 Taiwan(R.O.C)
Tel: +886-4-2406-3766
URL: www.chardermedical.com

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