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Cair LGL
Cair LGL

Medical devices for single use

The European company CAIR LGL, a subsidiary of the CAIR Group, develops and manufactures a full range of medical devices for infusion, nutrition, suction/ventilation and temperature management. The company focuses into the areas of disposable products and electro-medical equipment, which includes infusion pumps as well as convective air blowers and blood/fluid warming units.

The company has experienced a rapid growth since its founding in 1987; this growth is supported by one of the most efficient industrial facilities in Europe.

Thanks to its innovation and the reliability of its products, the company has built a position of specialist in infusion and temperature management to meet patients and healthcare professionals needs.

All medical devices manufactured by CAIR LGL are CE marked, in accordance with the European directive 93/42/CEE of 14 June 1993. The company is ISO 9001/NF EN ISO 13485 certified.

Products are sold worldwide through subsidiaries and distributors.

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Cair LGL
Parc Tertiaire de Bois Dieu
1 Allée des Chevreuils
69 380 Lissieu, France
Tel: 0033 4 78 43 77 44
URL: www.cairlgl.fr

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