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BEO Medconsulting Berlin GmbH

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Medical Technology, Testing & Nursing Sciences

BEO Medconsulting Berlin GmbH
BEO Medconsulting Berlin GmbH

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Since 2003 BEO Medconsulting Berlin has been headquartered in the German capital. Berlin is an innovative and growing location for the medico-technical industry and keeps gaining in importance due to major organisations and associations (in particular the Central Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds “GKV Spitzenverband”) moving there.

BEO offers support regarding being listed in the index of technical aids and renders extensive services for maintaining CE certification and introducing quality management systems. Seminars on health care topics complement our service portfolio. BEO's competency and professional dealing with authorities and approval offices ensure faster market introduction of your devices.

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BEO Medconsulting Berlin GmbH
Helmholtzstr. 2
D 10587 Berlin
Tel: +49 (0)30 318 045 3
URL: www.beoberlin.de

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