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AMEDTEC Medizintechnik Aue GmbH
AMEDTEC Medizintechnik Aue GmbH

Stress Test ECG

AMEDTEC Medizintechnik Aue GmbH was founded in 1998 as a development service provider and has grown to a leading specialist for the design and development of cardiological data management systems. Integral components of those systems are the 12-lead resting and stress test ECG, Holter ECG, as well as the ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM).

During its time as a development service provider, AMEDTEC developed hardware and software for leading international manufacturers of 12-lead and Holter ECG systems. Products developed in our house are in use worldwide.

In 2005, AMEDTEC was restructed from a pure service and development company into a manufacturing company. Since then, our own products are selling successfully to a demanding customer clientele.
AMEDTEC ECGpro® sets new standards in ECG diagnostics and data communications. From wireless ECG acquisition, over innovative diagnosis programms, to a sophisticated, highly configurable HIS interface along with its workflow cabilities, all requirements to a modern diagnosis and data management system are fulfilled.

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AMEDTEC Medizintechnik Aue GmbH
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