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AMBRA Sistemi s.r.l.

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Hospital Alarm & Remote Monitoring

AMBRA Sistemi s.r.l.
AMBRA Sistemi s.r.l.

Measurement transmitters

AMBRA Sistemi s.r.l. works principally in the medical, ultra pure, pure and technical gases production and distribution world. Over the years, AMBRA Sistemi s.r.l. had developed a specific products line, including telemetry/ telecontrol systems for storage and distribution gases in hospital and industry, electronic systems for automatic synthesis of breath and industrial mixes, local and telemetric monitoring systems for cryogenic and compressed storages gases.

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AMBRA Sistemi s.r.l.
Strada del Portone,
125 10095 Grugliasco (TO)
Tel: +39 011 967 77 75
URL: www.ambrasistemi.it