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Alpinion Medical Deutschland GmbH
Alpinion Medical Deutschland GmbH

Ultrasound Equipment

ALPINION’s an innovative and recognized ultrasound brand ‘E-CUBE’ principles (‘Extreme Clarity’, ‘Efficient Workflow’, ‘Ergonomic Design’) reflect ALPINION’s technological philosophy that provides

customers with uniform image quality throughout the product lifetime.

ALPINION has focused on acoustic engineering and front-end technology since we initiated our ultrasound business. There has traditionally been a strong focus on back-end processing in ultrasound; however, we shifted attention to the front-end with a focus on the signal quality sent to system processors.

ALPINION focuses on continuous innovation in acoustic technology. ALPINION has developed a range of transducer array types and applied them to ALPINION’s innovative E-CUBE series of ultrasound systems.

Based upon proprietary superior acoustic technology, ALPINION continuously strives to expand the medical business from diagnostic ultrasound to therapeutic ultrasound.

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