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Heart Brain 2019 welcomes you at 2nd World Heart and Brain Conference from December 09-10, 2019 at Abu Dhabi UAE. World Heart and Brain conference is a unique meeting that unites cardiologists and neurologists in order to pursue a holistic approach to understanding the connection between the heart and the brain. As a leader in the emerging multidisciplinary field of neuroradiology, Heart Brain 2019 has set the standard in the rapidly growing field of integrated medicine that encourages a broad spectrum of knowledge for improved practice and patient care.


Cardiology Conferences favours each one of the personalities to attend the “World Heart and Brain conference" during December 09-10, 2019 at Abu Dhabi UAE, which comprises brief Keynote demonstrations, Speaker talks, Exhibition, Symposia, and Workshops. Heart Brain 2019 is one of the Cardiology and Neurology meetings which will be visited by all the honoured cardiologists, Neurologist, directors, cardiac surgeons, cardio-thoracic surgeons, Neuroscience Professors, students, medical colleges and universities, business professionals and cardiology organizations under a solitary rooftop. The assembling will be dealt with around the subject “Fostering Heart and Brain health worldwide".

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Visitors Profile

•  Neurologists and Cardiologists

•  Non-Invasive Cardiologist

•  Invasive Cardiologist

•  Autonomic Neurologists

•  Hematologists/Heamatologists

•  Behavioral Neurologists

•  Hematopathologists/Heamatopathologists

•  Interventional Cardiologist

•  Cardiac Surgeon

•  Neuro Surgeon

•  Neuropsychologists

•  Electrophysiology Cardiologist

•  General Cardiologist

•  Interventional Cardiologist

•  Cardiothoracic Surgeon

•  Pediatric Cardiologist

•  pediatric Neurologist

•  Scientists

•  Neurology Researchers

•  Cardiology Researchers

•  Cardiac Nurse

•  Cardiac Physiologist

•  Heart Failure Cardiologist

•  Paediatric Cardiologist

•  Transplant Cardiologist

•  Vascular Medicine Specialist

•  Congenital Cardiologist

•   Echocardiologist

•  Geriatric psychiatrist

•  Geropsychologist

•  Imaging Cardiologist

•  Neuroimaging specialist

•  Cardiology Students

•  Neuroscience Professors,

•  Cardiology Faculty,

•  AD Doctors (Alzheimer’s disease)

•  Medical Colleges,

•  Pharmaceutical company,

•  Research scholars,

•  Diagnostics companies

•  Cardiology Associations and Societies

•  Business Entrepreneurs

•  Training Institutes

•  Software making associations

•  Manufacturing Medical Devices Companies and Data Management

•  Conference Sponsor and Exhibitor Opportunities

•  The Conference offers the opportunity to become a conference sponsor or exhibitor.

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