Smeg SPA

Manufacturer : Smeg SPA

Category : Medical equipment technology

Key Products : Laboratory Glassware Washers, Instrument Professional Washers

Based in Italy, Smeg SPA (Smeg) manufactures washers for cleaning and decontamination of contaminated hospital instruments and laboratory equipment. Product line of the company includes Laboratory Glassware Washers, Instrument Professional Washers and Thermal Disinfection Washers for Dental Instruments. Smeg products offer one-stop solution for decontamination of medical devices, which includes washing, disinfecting and sterilization. Its products meet the 93/42/EEC and the IEC 61010-2-045 quality standards. Major strengths of Smeg products include:


  • Efficacious washing and disinfecting of medical devices
  • Error-free sterilization
  • Greater thrust on treatment cycle
  • Maximum safety for doctors, health workers and patients
  • Versatility, efficiency and reduced impact on the environment


Laboratory Glassware Washers

Laboratory Glassware Washers

Instrument Professional Washers

Instrument Professional Washer

Thermal disinfection washers for dental instruments

Thermal disinfection washers f

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Smeg SPA
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