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Key Products : Manufacturer of Cryosurgery, Cryotherapy, Presotherapy and Ozonetherapy Devices

CryoFlex Poland Sp. z o.o. is the biggest designer and manufacturer of cryosurgery, cryotherapy, presotherapy and ozonetherapy devices in Poland.


In 1992 the company was established as Metrum Krio and launched production of apparatuses for cryosurgery mod. AK-1. Particularly dynamic development of these apparatuses, in which N 2O/CO 2 has been used as working medium, started in 1997. Apparatus mod. AK-1 v.3 (now called Cryo-S) is the most technologically advanced apparatus of this type in the world. In 1997 Spray type cryo-probe, which is the only cryo-probe with the smooth regulation of freezing power, was developed.



Our non-conventional approach to application of low temperatures in medicine has resulted in new equipment:



  • mod. Cryo-T for local cryo-treatment, in which carbon dioxide is used as the working medium
  • mod. ARCTICA – cryochamber for whole body cryo-treatment, in which effect of cold depositing was applied and direct injection of liquid air into interior of chamber make the chamber to work efficiently and safe. These solutions have been developed by CryoFlex Poland for the first time in the world and now are becoming a standard.



Apparatuses for ozone treatment as well as apparatuses for pressure massage include our product range.



CryoFlex Poland Sp. z o.o. has been awarded EU quality management system certification for medical devices - ISO 9001/ISO 13485 – and the products are CE-marked.


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