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Aarvam Medical Systems, an SUDAR 300-Ultra Pulse CO2 laser certified company is a team with business interest focused on Medical applications of LASER, since 1998.  Aarvam Medical Systems aims to achieve 100% customer satisfaction by providing best product with best after sales service support.


The team of engineers at Aarvam Medical Systems are specialized in Electronics, Optics and Bio Medical Instrumentation., and are well trained to provide best customer support. The manufacturing unit is well equipped including the ESD safe work environment. Aarvam Medical Systems constantly upgrade equipments based on a valuable feedback from its users. With a strong expertise Aarvam Medical Systems will be happy to provide support for customer needs in Medical LASER equipments. Aarvam Medical Systems is based in Pondicherry, beautiful coastal city in southern part of India.


Ultra Pulse CO2 laser

SUDAR 300 –Ultra Pulse CO2 LASER is a precise tool, most widely used in kathir-7 and aesthetic applications. The CO2 laser emits a continuous beam of wavelength of 10600 nm. An aiming beam (Red Diode) helps the surgeon to guide the desired target. The LASER beam is absorbed well in water which causes destruction, by rapidly heating and vaporizing the tissue. Features include ultra short pulses (200 Micro seconds), independent selection of pulse on/off time, versatile, with a wide range of accessories. Output power can be varied from 1 to 30 watts. Multispecialty applications include Dermatology, E N T, General Surgery, Cosmetic & Plastic surgery, Oral & Maxillofacial surgery.

Fractional CO2 laser

Fractional CO2 Laser is the latest innovation in aesthetic laser surgery. It is used to ablate micro-columns of skin as deep as or deeper than traditional laser  and are distributed evenly across the skin surface by computer-controlled scanner Laser output hence there is no significant damage to any part of skin. Scanner delivers laser energy in different patterns and different sizes; maximum 20x20 mm. It can be adjusted by inbuilt software and touch display. Various shapes as circle, ellipse, square, rectangle, triangle, line and dot can be set.

Diode LASER system

Kathir 30 Diode Laser system is the most stable system with advanced and proven technique. The new "laser scalpel", has advantage of minimal invasion and less pain. This Laser is a contact laser and can be used in endoscopic and laparoscopic surgeries. With different accessories like flexile fiber, hand-pieces of various shapes and lengths, this versatile system can be used in various specialities like dentistry, endovenous laser treatment (EVLT), ENT, PLDD, liposuction etc.

At wavelengths of 980nm/810nm (near infra-red), it provides good haemostasis effect and bloodless surgery due to high absorption in haemoglobin.

Kathir 30 is compact, portable, has color touch screen and can be connected with 200/400/600 micron fiber with SMA 905 connector.

Dental Diode LASER system

KATHIR 7 is a creative product with new Diode laser technology for more precise dentistry treatment and a complete new feeling. This mini dental diode laser system with unique advantages offers a compact and efficient dental laser for soft tissue therapy. With operation wavelength of 980/810nm, 7W max output and 15 software preset treatment options it performs perfect clinical effect on soft tissue kathir-7 and cosmetic applications. With 200/400/600 micron fibers almost all soft tissue procedures including tooth whitening can be performed.

IPL + RF Combo

IPL +RF Combo equipment simultaneously harnesses the power of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) energy and Radio frequency (RF) energy. IPL Systems - alternative to lasers - gently remove unwanted hair based on principle of selective Photothermolysis. This refers to optimizing wavelength and pulse duration of IPL energy to selectively damage the hair follicle. IPL penetrates through skin and is absorbed by target pigment in the hair shaft. RF energy heats the hair follicle. RF technology is latently applied in skin rejuvenation, wrinkle treatment and ageing face. Heating deeper layers without damaging outer layers of skin, causes microscopic changes to tissues and collagen contraction; subsequent collagen remodel over months.

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