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BTS Bioengineering has born 26 years ago with the purpose to provide an objective and quantitative evaluation of the human movement. BTS has a long history in the research field, made of important collaborations with universities and research centres, as the NASA. And BTS can boast satisfying relationships with more than 500 clinical centres all over the world. BTS customers recognize that BTS values are the accuracy, the easiness of use and the reliability of BTS solutions that are fully integrated and scalable in order to answer at best to anyone requirements.
BTS Biomedical is BTS's division committed to the development of solutions for the clinical environment that improve analysis, support diagnosis and make therapy more effective. BTS Biomedical is made up of a team of engineers and medical practitioners committed to mining new clinical discoveries and technological advances and transforming them into effective and productive solutions for everyday clinical practice. BTS goal is to use the accumulated clinical experience of recent years and those yet to come to benefit an increasingly large number of patients and medical practitioners, providing fully integrated solutions, ready to use and complete of appropriate training in order to use at best.





BTS GAITLAB is the new complete native integrated solution for the clinical world where gait analysis becomes an accurate, quick, complete and easily interpreted examination. It is composed by innovative and high performing solutions, starting from the inertial sensor BTS G-WALK up to the highly sensitive video cameras for the motion capture.
BTS GAITLAB is a valuable tool that provides the doctor with quantitative data allowing for the examination and analysis of postural and walking-related problems, load abnormalities and muscle deficits that cannot be measured by a mere objective examination and video recording.
Thanks to its accurate analysis you can have an affordable tool for an accurate 360° assessment, so a reliable support for customers diagnostic decisions.


Rehabilitation Robotics

BTS ANYMOV is a rehabilitative robotic hospital bed for patient focused mobilization that permits a specific and repeatable training made of gradual passive exercises. It allows an assisted, segmented and multi-segmented mobilization of hip, knees and tibiotarsal joints, through passive exercises, customizable coherently with patient’s possibilities. BTS ANYMOV allows performing the motor therapy directly in the hospital bed, as the first rehabilitation stage following a stroke, prevents damage due to immobility and functional impairment. It is made of 4 movable sections using high precision motors: the whole bed base can be controlled in lift and lateral movement thanks to telescopic pillars; the back can be inclined up to 90°; the lower limb dedicated bases allow hip abduction-adduction movements. The tibiotarsal joint dorsi-plantarflextion and the knee flexi-extension are actuated by two dedicated motors, presenting clutches on guides placed under the lower limb bases.

Therapeutic Solutions

BTS NIRVANA is a therapeutic solution based on specific exercises for rehabilitation of patients affected by neuromotor pathologies. Strengths of the system are the playful and target oriented nature and its sensorial feedback richness that provide stimulus to the patient. BTS NIRVANA is a markerless system based on optoelectronic infrared devices that allows for a complete audio and visual sensorial immersion in virtual settings, with whom the patient can interact simply through his movement. Each exercise is characterized by several modalities and incremental levels of difficulty. The system, thanks to its high versatility, offers a set of exercises for upper limbs, lower limbs and trunk. Specific exercises, aimed at regaining motor control and reducing impairment, can be used independently on the disease. Some others, defined by specific visual and audio feedback or execution modalities, are explicitly dedicated to a unique pathology. Every exercise is integrated with score allowing the practitioner to monitor patient’s performance and consequently to modify the difficulty level in the exercise. The score also acts as a major motivational incentive thanks to the real time visualization observed by the patient during the exercise. A report, with the exercise list and the score for every task, is automatically generated after every trial to keep track of the therapy. A temporal report can also be created to evaluate the treatment effectiveness.

Wireless System of Inertial Sensors

BTS G-WALK is the innovative BTS solution for the evaluation of the spatial-temporal gait parameters ideal to evaluate all the pathologies related to gait disorders. BTS G-WALK is a wireless system of inertial sensors composed of a triaxial accelerometer, a magnetic sensor, and a triaxial gyroscope that, when positioned on L5 vertebrae of the spine, it allows for a functional objective gait analysis to be performed. The system extrapolates the data and calculates all the spatial-temporal gait parameters required to perform an assessment or to define a training strategy. BTS G-WALK is an intuitive and easy-to-use instrument to obtain accurate, objective and quantitative data. The tests are quick to execute and do not require any preparation of the subject. The automatic report generation makes BTS G-WALK the ideal solution for a wide range of applications: assessment, prevention, diagnosis and follow-up of rehabilitative, orthotic or pharmacological interventions.

Dental Occlusion Solutions

BTS TMJOINT is a solution for the functional analysis of the dental occlusion. By the electromyographic analysis, allows measuring the differential influence of the occlusal function through indices validated and published in scientific literature. Functional information is provided on the neuromuscular alterations induced by occlusal contact. Special feature of this system is the standardization of the electromyographic signal that is provided by the comparison between two test of clenching, done with and without the interposition of cotton rolls between the dental arches. This method allows the elimination of problems of the wrong positioning of the electrodes, of the difference of impedance of the patient’s skin, of the differences of muscular tropism, etc. making it accurate and repeatable. The results are shown via a special graphic interface that is easy to understand for both the physician and patient.

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