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Key Products : CRC pipes, Stainless Steel Pipes, MS Sheets

Shree Hospital Equipments is one of the professionally managed organizations, who have been operating in health care industry past 12 years. Shree Hospital Equipments offers the most innovative and user friendly hospital equipment, using the latest technology followed by intensive research and development.


Shree Hospital Equipments is associated with best of the vendors from whom they source our raw materials such as CRC pipes, Stainless Steel Pipes, Stainless steel sheets, MS Sheets and Coating Powder. All these materials, which are sourced from established manufactures are used in manufacturing durable range and fine quality of hospital equipments and furniture such as Hydraulic operation tables, Hospital Beds, Ward Equipments, ICU Equipments, ICU bed, OT lamps, OT Tables, Delivery table, Operation theater light, Hospital trolleys, Wheel Chairs, Stretchers, Waiting Chairs, Emergency Trolley and other hospital furniture.



Catering to the most sensitive industry, where the end user's comfort and high levels of hygiene are of prime importance, Shree Hospital Equipments offers complete satisfaction to the client's and end users as well. Shree Hospital Equipments also has added facilities for packaging and warehousing, which ensures in dispatch of the hospital equipment at the final destinations.


LED O.T. Lamps

LED O.T Lamps is available in different options like


  • 9X 4 LED 21 - LED FOUR Reflector Single Dome Ceiling Lamp
  • 9X 4 LED 22 - LED FOUR Reflector Double Dome Ceiling Lamp
  • 9X 4 LED 23 - LED FOUR Reflector Stand Model Lamp



Led O.T. Lamps Specifications



  • Each dome having four reflectors system mounted on separate arms.
  • Special sterilizable handle fitted in center of each dome for easy positioning.
  • Dome perfectly balanced with spring this gives high vertical flexibility.
  • Can be rotated in full 3600 horizontally.
  • Total structure is made up of non-corrosive stainless steel & Aluminum So no effect of corrosive atmosphere due to fumigation.
  • for light brightness step-less control
  • Working distance: 70 cm


Electric O.T. Table

Electric O.T. Table comes in size of 1950 mm (76’’) x 500 mm (20”) x H – 770 mm (30”) to 1020 mm (40”).
Electric Motions:


  • Height Adjustment
  • Head Low / up
  • Backrest adjustment
  • Lateral Tilt



Working specifications for  Electric O.T Table:



  • Height adjustable from 770mm (30”) to 1020mm (40”).
  • 50mm thick electrically stitched waterproof foam mattress.
  • Three extra stainless steel clamps for attaching accessories to sidebars.
  • Hand rest, screen bar, shoulder rests provided. Height adjusts by hydraulic pump.
  • Backrest Adjustment, head low / up, Kidney Bridge, lateral tilt maneuvered by screw system
  • Lithotomy rods with foot straps, fitted with rotary clamps, allowing height forward or backward adjustments.
  • L bent deluxe lithotomy rods made of 12mm Æ S.S. bars. These adjustable by 2 clamps levers.
  • All screws provided with thrust ball bearings & easily wind able by independent handle.
  • Flex / Reflex 30º / 220º, Traction shoes position 90° + 90°
  • Lateral tilt- 25º each side, Chair position - 85º
  • Trendelenburg – 25º degree each side,
  • Foot controlled floor-locking system.
  • Stainless steel anesthesia.  


I.C.U. Bed

I.C.U. Bed is available in the size of 2055 cm (81") x - 90cm (36") x H - 45cm (18") to 72cm (29") and ABS BOWS & All Powder coated. All stainless steel.


Working specifications of I.C.U. Bed are:



  • The main frame made from 25mm x 50mm x 1.22 mm (18 SWG) M.S. rectangular tubes.
  • Four-section top made from 1.22 mm (18 SWG) Sheets. Sheets uniformly perforated suitably fitted to the top.
  •  I. V. location and urine bag hook provided.
  • Backrest, knee rest, head low / up, height adjustment maneuvered By 4 separate screw system provided with thrust ball bearings.
  • Additionally the leg rest section adjusted on two 10mm Æ shaft.
  • Height adj. By screws easily wind able by independent handle,
  • Height adj. on heavy links made from 50mm x 50mm square rigid 16 SWG CRC pipes.
  • Additionally antigravity spring provided for easy operation.
  • 4" thick mattress made by good quality rexin, quire & foam. 4 pieces machine stitching.
  • Height adjustable I.V. Attachment.
  • 125 mm Æ breakable casters, two with breaks.
  • Heavy collapsible side railing.
  • 4 corner Side buffer wheels.


Deluxe Delivery Table

Size: - 183cm (72"), x 69cm (27"), H - 84cm (33")


  • Stainless steel top made in 3 sections fabricated mainly of 1.22mm (18 SWG) thick stainless steel sheets. Flat pieces welded to the horizontal supports.
  • The backrest adjustable on auto ratchet arrangement, which consist on of 12mm Æ Stainless steel rod.
  • The entire tabletop give head low / up position by screw system, provided with thrust ball bearing.
  • L bent lithotomy rods made of 16 mm Æ stainless steel. These adjustable by 2-clamp levers 10mm Æ S.S.
  • The entire head low / up arrangement mounted on rectangular frame, with rectangular S.S. tube support.
  • Leg section made of 1.22mm (18 SWG) stainless steel; Leg end section can slide completely under the main frame by telescopic mechanism.
  • This frame hinged on the tubular base,
  • waste collecting S.S. bowl provided rest on S.S. bracket made of 9.5mm Æ S.S. rod.


Fowler Bed

Fowler Bed is available in the size 198 cm (78") x - 84cm (33") x H - 56cm (22") with options like


  • All Powder coated.
  • Bows steel.
  • Bows & legs steel.
  • Bows, legs, side channel steel.
  • Top Ecolink frame, Bows, legs steel.



Working specifications for Fowler Bed:



  • The main frame made from 25mm x 50mm x 1.22mm (18 SWG) M.S. rectangular tubes.
  • Four-section top made from 1.22mm (18 SWG) Sheets. Uniformly perforated, suitably fitted to the top.
  • I.V. location and urine bag hook provided.
  • Backrest, knee rest maneuvered by 2 separate screws. Provided with thrust ball bearing. Both screws easily wind able by independent handle.
  • Bows, legs made from 1.25 Æ x 1.22mm (18 SWG) Pipes.
  • Nylon unbreakable shoes for legs.
  • Pre-treated in seven tanks chemical process & epoxy powder coated.


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