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Since 2008, Medicare Systems Inc has been providing technical solutions to business problems in the healthcare industry. The company takes care in understanding business needs and provides solutions that make sense technically, economically, and operationally.


The company's businesses are supported by a wide marketing and distribution network, and have established a reputation for strong customer support.



The company is equipped with the best in technology in the sector.


Chestgraph HI-101

This spirometry system called CHESTGRAPH HI-101 is used for testing asthma, COPD and other respiratory failure problems that are coming in adults. This machine also evaluates middle-aged smokers and people with chronic cough and sputum. This spirometry system is ideal for clinics and relies on a simple button press operation that completes the test in minutes. This system can be carried very easily because of its compact size. This is an accurate evaluation system owing to its sensors.


Spirometry can be performed on adults as well as children and infants.






  • For the diagnosis of bronchial asthma,pulmonary emphysema,chronicle bronchitis,pulmonary fibrosis,pneumoconiosos, or tuberculosis, and for the assessment of therapeutic effects for these diseases.
  • For testing subjects with sputum or cough
  • For the diagnosis of shortness of breath or respiratory failure and identifying casuses of these symptoms.
  • Assessing the effects of smoking or air pollution
  • Assessing the effects of aging upon the respiratory organs
  • Pre-operative test for anaesthesia or surgical operation
  • Test for upper airway narrowing
  • Collective screening at companies and schools
  • Management of patients receiving bronchodilators


TCB Univent

The TCB Univent is a torque control blocker with an improved beonchial blocker for one-lung anesthesia.





  • Easy to use and direct by twisting than previous nylon catheter
  • High torque control malleable shaft for smooth intubation into targey bronchus
  • Flexible blocker shaft with softer open lumen tip for smoother manipulation
  • More compliant blocker
  • May be used in either left or right bronchus
  • Latex free



These methods may be used to functionalize the TCB Univent



  • Tube Rotation Method
  • Blocker Rotation Method
  • Stylet Method using Bronchofiberscope


Patient Monitoring System InnoCare -T¹²

InnoCare is a patient monitoring system- a new generation monitor with 12” bright, wide viewing angle display and its unique wired or telemetric autonomous measuring head allows fairly flexible monitoring of patients in real clinical practice. The monitor is equipped with the IMH-8 intelligent patient-located measuring head family.


The basic functions are provided by the cable connected IMH-8C measuring head.The IMH-8M and IMH-8W store all measured data, including full disclosure waveform up to the last 10 days, so the user can display them on any connected InnoCare-T12 monitor.



Due to its integrated analysis system the IMH-8M measuring head evaluates all measured curves and parameters which are shown on the built-in touch screen display. Alarms functions are also provided by IMH-8M.



All versions of measuring head can be connected to the monitor with head-cable or inserted in the special slot of InnoCare-T12 monitor resulting in a robust, single box device for transport.



Features include:



  • NIBP measurement
  • Mainstream/sidestreamcapnograph
  • Cardiac output and haemodynamic calculation
  • 2 X IBP (Optional external)
  • Built-in 58 mm thermal printer
  • Interface to InnoCare-C/ C central monitoring system
  • Battery operation – 3 hours
  • Storage – 144 hour trend, 200 events, 30 hour full disclosure waveform
  • Dimensions: 335 X 290 X 140mm
  • Weight Less than 5 kg
  • Waveform scrolling speed: 12.5,25, 50 mm/s


Cardio-Aid 360B

Cardio Aid 360B is a biphasic defibrillator that integrates state-of-the-art technologies which make quick live saving possible. This system delivers a biphasic shock even at 360J energy level if necessary.The exceptionally short charging times ensure that the quickest intervention is possible, increasing chances of survival. The user is guided by a clear screen and voice commands throughthe resuscitation procedure according to the latest ERC guidelines. Safe and simple operation minimizes the chances of error from the user’s side, after receiving a brief training.


The main goal of designing STAR (self tracking active response) biphasic waveform was to optimize energy delivery. Maximal energy accuracy is guaranteed by the FPIM technology under any circumstances, which ensures the most effective therapy.



The applied FVFT technology guarantees quick and reliable detection of patient arrhythmia both in AED and in manual modes. Patient’s safety and efficiency of the therapy is achieved by the continuous monitoring of patient’s chest impedance.



The new IBLT system always gives adequate information on the status of the battery. The operating time on battery is significantly increased. Even in case of missing or flat battery, all functions of the device can be operated from mains. Easy handling makes this a preferred choice for hospital and clinical use.


Dilapan S

Dilapan S is used in gynaecology and obstetrics basically for cervical ripening or preparation or dilation.


Below we have listed some basic features of this device:



  • • Dilapan-S is 2nd generation osmotic hygroscopic dilator made of a patented hydrogel called AquaCrl
  • • Sterilised rigid gel rod
  • • Manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified facility
  • • Fully CE certified under the medical device directive
  • • Approved by the FDA for sale in the United States
  • • Many local registrations – Japan, Canada
  • • Sold in more than 20 countries.
  • • Available in boxes of 1 or 25 pieces
  • • Sizws available are 4mmx65mm, 4mmx65mm,3mmx55mm



This is a rigid gel rod that increases in volume by absorbing fluids and therefore gradually dilating the cervix. After about 4 to 6 hours the 3mm rod expands to 8.3-10mm and the 4mm rod to 10-12.5mm.Simultaneously, Dilapen-S initiates endogeneous prostaglandin release causing collagen degradation which softens the cervix. Patented Hydrogel AQUACRYL guarantees consistency of action.



It does not contain any medical components which can be released during use. This can be used to induce labor, for IVF or for medical termination of pregnancy.


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