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Tecnocarta is one of the most trusted suppliers of medical consumables worldwide. Since its foundation in 1929, it has been manufacturing premium medical chart paper for ECG, CTG, EEG, spirometry tests and laboratory procedures, with a special focus on the quality of raw materials and customization.Tecnocartaemploys 8 pressmen and women who work daily onthree traditional printing presses and one flexographic press.

Over the last 15 years, the companyfurther increased both its chart production capacity and product range, which today also includes the most widely used cardiological accessories. Consistently with Tecnocarta's commitment to excellence, all medical charts are CE marked and its quality management system is certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001 standards. Thanks to its reliability, the company has become official chart supplier of world-leading medical OEMs such as Huntleigh Sonicaid and Progetti Medical.

The company exports about 70% of its total production to all five continents and annually meets many of its customers at the Medica fair in Düsseldorf.

In 2015 Tecnocarta was invited by Amazon to become a Vendor and in 2016 the companystarted to sell its charts and accessories on the European marketplace.

High Precision Medical Charts

Evolving from the production of industrial paper, Tecnocarta became the first Italian producer of high precision diagrammated paper for medical use. The superior quality of its charts meets the highest OEM specifications and guarantees the smoothest operation on nearly every existing recorder. This is only made possible by the constant monitoring of the incoming raw materials and the accurate maintenance of all printing presses and packing machines. Tecnocarta mainly processes thermal and inkjet stocks (both top-coated and eco) with grades ranging from 50gsm to 80gsm. BPA free and long life archivist paper are also available.

The product range includesrolls, fanfolds and sheets for ECG, CTG, EEG and spirometry tests, but also graduated circles for bloodbanks  and laboratory applications. All types of chart are customizable in terms of grid color, scale values, names, logos and packaging – following an informal agreementupon a minimum order quantity between the customer and Tecnocarta.

The company completes its offer with disposable pens for all kinds of chart recorders, in particular circular charts for sterilizing processes and temperature recording.

Videoprint Media

Tecnocarta supplies original print media for Sony and Mitsubishi ultrasound medical printers, which are widely used in virtually every existing healthcare facility. The assortment embraces the complete Sony UPP and UPC series, as well as the Mitsubishi CK, K and PK series.

Compatible thermal rolls by Durico are also on stock: their quality is long acknowledged by healthcare professionals worldwide, who appreciate the high image resolution and durability, the high resistance to water, grease and gels, the ease of tearing and the minimal curling effect afterwards.

All videographic print media supplied by Tecnocarta support both black&white and color image printing and come in the glossy, matt and high density versions. All rolls, regardless of the brand, are packaged individually in a silver plastic film that protects the product from dust, dirt and humidity.

Please note that the original Sony and Mitsubishi print media cannot be given away as samples, as their quality and reliability is given for granted. Durico compatibles, on the contrary, are available for testing in limited quantities.

Medical Gels

Tecnocarta's medical gels find use in a very large variety of diagnostic examinations: ultrasound scans, radiofrequency treatments, tecartherapy and hair removal (Intense Pulsed Light, laser). All gels are CE marked and have all required chemical features: hypoallergenic, salt-free, water-soluble, non-greasy and highly conductive. Gels for radiofrequency and hair removal also have a very low viscosity and refraction level.

They aresupplied in the most popular sizes (5 liters, 1 liter, 250 ml), with the 5 liter pack also including a special empty refill bottle for a more comfortable day-to-day application.

Ultrasound gel can beblue or transparent, whereas radiofrequency cream is white and ECG gel comes in pink. IPL & laser gel is transparent.

Tecnocarta's gel quick overview:

  • Ultrasound (5lt, 1lt, 250ml)
  • ECG (5lt, 1lt, 250ml)
  • Radiofrequency (1kg, 500g)
  • IPL & Laser (5lt, 250ml)

Original Parker Labsproducts complete Tecnocarta's gel range:

  • Aquasonic®100 ultrasound gel (5lt, 1lt, 250ml)
  • Sterile Aquasonic® 100 ultrasound gel pouches (20g each)
  • Aquaflex® ultrasound gel pads (20 x 90mm each)
  • Eclipse® pregelled probe covers

Defibrillation Pads

Fortunately, defibrillation devices are becoming more and more present both in public and private spaces, as small sporting associations, leisure clubs, public transport companies and local governments are finally recognizing their potentially lifesaving role.

Automated External Defibrillators are the most widespread type and they all need disposable pads to function. The pads are nothing but electrodes that convey electrical shocks to the patient's body, but they also measure the heart rate to determine the discharge intensity.

This means that defibrillation pads need to adhere to the skin perfectly and be capable of transmitting electricity very efficiently and , so the gel on the pads has to be highly conductive and have a very low impedance level.

Given their extremely delicate function, the pads also have to be certified according to strict safety specifications.

Tecnocarta offers a wide range of high quality disposabledefib pads, both for adult and pediatric use, possessing all above mentioned features and compatible with the most widely used defibrillator brands and models – including Schiller, Zoll, Physiocontrol, Bexen, Esaote, Nihon Kohden, Welch Allyn and Philips.

Spirometry Accessories

Spirometry is one of the least invasive test,s as it only requires the patient to hold the flow head in his hand and blow into it.

The device parts that are meant to come into contact with the patient are thus the most delicate in terms of safety and cleanliness and this is precisely the reason why most spirometry accessories are not reusable.

The so called viral-bacterial filters, for instance, are usually made of a special material that traps the viruses and bacteria which can be naturally contained in the patient's breath along with any sort of expectorated material, preventing the spirometer from becoming a cross contamination carrier.

These kinds of filtersare usually disposable and come in a large variety of shapes and sizes according to the device brand and model. Tecnocarta supplies VB filters for Cosmed, Customed, Fukuda, Medical Graphics, Micromedical, MIR, Sensormedics, Sibel and Vitalograph devices of the highest quality available.

On the viral-bacterial filter is mounted the cardboard mouthpiece, which can be either regular or pre-filtered. Just like filters, mouthpieces are disposable and their size depends on the spirometer type.

Tecnocarta supplies all existing kinds of mouthpieces, along with single-use noseclips that help the patient to blow correctly into the device.

Last but not least, the spirometry test data are recorded on paper, which is Tecnocarta's natural element.

Filters, mouthpieces, noseclips and recording paper – Tecnocarta has everything you need for your spirometry.

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