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Key Products : Non Sterile Hysteroscope, Sterile Single Use Endoscopic Trocar

Global-Tech Advanced Innovations Inc. (GAI), is a US NASDAQ listed company, and has been involved in product design, development and manufacturing of household appliances, electronic devices, optical displays and medical products since 1963.


Global-Tech Advanced Innovations Inc is headquartered in Hong Kong and currently owns and operates various businesses throughout China, Hong Kong and United States. Our Manufacturing Plant is located in Dongguan, China with approximately 1.8 million square feet manufacturing area.



Dongguan Microview Medical Technology CO., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Global-Tech Advanced Innovations Inc. and was formed as a specialized division to focus on the development of medical products incorporating micro cameras. With great support from our trusted customers we are manufacturing a wide range of medical products and exporting to Turkey, Europe Union, India, Africa, Pakistan, Southeast Asia and Iran.



Dongguan Microview Medical Technology CO., Ltd. utilizes its technology in the development and production of disposable medical endoscopic devices, such as Endoscopic Workstation, Endoscopic IUD Forceps, Uterine Observer, etc. To assist product development, security and advancement, Microview Medical has developed strong relationships with some of China’s finest medical facilities and university. We will continue to introduce a wider range of endoscopic medical products including endoscopic IUD remover, Gynecological endoscope, laryngoscope, colonoscope, gastrointestinal endoscope, dental endoscope, auriscope and capsule endoscope.


Non-Sterile Hysteroscope

The Non-Sterile Hysteroscope consist high resolution video camera which is able to view uterine cavity clearly. Non-Sterile Hysteroscope is used to examine and diagnose the pathology, endometrial peeling and healing condition and especially helps for checking before and after the operation of Termination of Pregnancy to ensure the completion during surgery, which will greatly reduce the risk of TOP operation.

Sterile Single Use Endoscopic Trocar

Sterile Single Use Endoscopic Trocar is a unique medical endoscopic device comprises of puncture needle and cannule, it has built-in CMOS camera with 300KPixel resolution and LED light source inside the trocar. It captures & transmits the image to monitor or displaying unit to display the whole puncturing process. It can provide the most safety condition of the trocar entering abdominal cavity before any laparoscopic surgery. Since the product Sterile Single Use Endoscopic Trocar is single use only, the risk of cross infection will be significantly reduced.

Sterile Single Use Endoscopic Suction Cannula For Surgical Abortion

Sterile Single Use Endoscopic Suction Cannula For Surgical Abortion, equipped with a disposable high-resolution video endoscope provides a combination of convenience and precision. The dual-function cannula technology combines a suction canal together with a high-resolution camera for image transmission during the Termination of Pregnancy procedure.

The Sterile Single Use Endoscopic Suction Cannula greatly reduces the risk of cross-infection and provides both Gynecologists and patients greater peace of mind. In addition, super micro high resolution camera of the Sterile Single Use Endoscopic Suction Cannula offers convenience for doctors while performing MTP procedures as they can able to watch progress of the procedure on system monitor. Also, it reduces operation time and patient inconvenience

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