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Category : Medical Equipment and Technology

Key Products : Blood Storage Refrigerators, Laboratory Refrigerators

Dometic Medical Systems offers an ultramodern range of blood, pharmaceutical and laboratory refrigerators, freezers, ultra-cold freezers (to –86°C) and transport boxes. Sensitive medical items such as vaccines, blood and blood components, temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals, tissues and biological samples are stored in the appropriate optimum conditions without any risks. Different sizes and specifications of equipment are available to offer the most appropriate solutions.


The products cover all the specific needs of the market, hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, blood banks, research centers and universities. To ensure the safest storage of temperature-sensitive products and user protection, the appliances conform to the current technical requirements - the safety standards - established by Dometic.


Blood Storage Refrigerators

The high-performance horizontal plate blast freezers MBF21, MBF12 and MBF42 for ultra-fast freezing blood plasma, pharmaceutical and biological preparations in rapid and regular freezing times at core temperatures.


Refrigerators and freezers from the ML (Laboratory and Medical refrigerators with a full door), MP (Laboratory and Medical refrigerators with a glass door), MF (refrigerators for conserved blood), UF (-86°C Ultra-Cold Freezer).



UF 756, -82°C freezer: The new ultra low temperature freezer UF 756 from Dometic is the giant in the range -82°C, with a capacity of up to 750ltr.


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