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The new Drive DeVilbiss International group was launched at the Medica show in Düsseldorf 2016. Our mission is to develop the Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare products and values into markets and regions where we have no direct sales presence and work with trusted partners.

Drive Medical and DeVilbiss Healthcare staff has formed the new international team. They are highly experienced in international commerce and with an exceptional product portfolio,DDI will be the perfect partner for our international customers. Many of our larger international partners also operate across several geographical locations. We are focused on coordinating the needs of these multi- centred organisations.

As Drive DeVilbiss International our continuing mission is working with our partners to provide one of the widest ranges of hospital and home healthcare products available today and most importantly, to enhance the quality of life of the people that we touch.


The HbO-3000is the next generation device in the HbO Pulse Oximeter range. The HbO-3000 fingertip pulse oximeter contains all the necessary features required for SpO2 spot checking and so on. It also contains the integrated SpO2 and pulse rate alarms notifying the user of high and low values. The Perfusion Indexing identifies the best location for signal detection.

HbO-3000 Pulse oximeterscontain five different brightness settings and six screen display options. The auto off function reserves battery life. With two 1.5 AAA batteries the device can be used up to 20 hours. The HbO-3000 is designed and built to withstand the challenges of daily use.

Product features:

The HbO-3000 features:


  • An optional six directional display mode for operator convenience
  • Perfusion Indicator
  • Five OLED brightness levels
  • User defined parameter settings for both SpO2
  • Pulse rate criteria indicating visual
  • Audible alerts for high and low values.

Compact 525 Oxygen Concentrator

We have manufactured Compact 525 Oxygen Concentratorwith the superior quality products. DeVilbiss Oxygen Concentratoris designed to build to meet the high demands of patients and cost challenges faced by service providers.

It delivers up to five litres per minute with high oxygen concentration across all flow rates and adopting the latest developments in the reduction of sound and power consumption, the Compact525 increases patient comfort and lower operating costs.

Added Features:

  • Improved sound level reduction
  • Front label with easy to read pictograms

Service Safety Features:

  • 2 part case design
  • 3 years warranty as standard (an optional extended 2 year warranty package available)

Patient Safety Features:

  • OSD® Sensor for continuously monitoring oxygen levels
  • Visual and audible alarms for low oxygen levels, power failure, pressure drop and service required
  • Oxygen outlet incorporating a fire protection adapter
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Intelligent power management system utilizes Turn-Down Technology providing less power consumption below flow rates of 2.4 l/min.
  • Reduced packaging: reducing materials and waste, as well as transportation costs and emissions – without compromising product protection

VacuAide QSU 7314

The VacuAide QSU (Quiet Suction Unit) is designed to perform effective airways suctioning in a comfortable, safe and hygienic way. VacuAide Quiet Suction Unitis one of the quietest available for its type.

Yet the exceptional low noise does not mean that the performance has been compromised. With a suctioning pressure range from 50 – 550 mmHg delivered at 27 l/min flow rate, it is designed to most applications and meets the stringent ISO standards for field and transport use.

The VacuAide QSU is available in two models:

  • The 7314P portable suction unit with internal rechargeable battery
  • The 7314D mains only powered suction unit

Operating the VacuAide QSU is simplicity itself. When starting the suctioning, the display clearly indicates battery (7314P) and power status. The required pressure can be adjusted with the pressure gauge. The large easy grip adjustment gauge rotates making it easy to view and check that the pressure is set correctly.

AirForce One

AirForce One compressor nebulizeris a cost effective and reliable device for aerosol therapy at home or in hospitals. The AirForce one nebulizerfits into home and clinical settings discreetly as it is compact, lightweight with a quiet operation.

Engineered with the patient in mind, the high performance yet easy-to-use features offer the user an effective and simple drug delivery option.

  • Only weighing 1.5kg AirForce One is the lightest compressor nebulizer in the DeVilbiss range
  • Designed to be durable for everyday use and comes with a 3 year warranty
  • Built in carrying handle for added convenience
  • Offering a maximum flow rate of 5.1l/min
  • Comes complete with necessary accessories ready for immediate use and carry bag

UK version comes with a Disposable nebulizer kit.  It contains an instruction manual, disposable Evo nebulizer, nose piece, mouthpiece with exhalation valve, air tubing, adult and paediatric mask and five filters. Euro version comes with a Reusable nebulizer kit.

DeVilbiss Blue

Our DeVilbiss Blue series utilises the latest advancements in sleep technology to offer great performance, maximum comfort and the ability to optimally monitor patient therapy.

The algorithm in the DeVilbiss Blue sets a new standard of data and performance. Improved sensitivity to a full spectrum of respiratory events means it detects more data and responds to a new level of accuracy, giving the user the most comfortable experience. Its powerful logic allows the DeVilbiss Blue to differentiate and report simple Obstructive Apnoea from more complex scenarios, including Central Apnoea and mixed disease.Hypopnoea, obstructive apnoea, snoring, expiratory puffs, leaks, flow limitations, RERAs, central apnoea, periodic breathing are all now detected and reported with DeVilbiss Blue.

At the heart of a CPAP is its blower motor. An off the shelf motor would just not do. To meet the demanding requirements of DeVilbiss Blue, our engineers started from the ground up designing our own custom motor capable of delivering strong, stable and accurate pressures.

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