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Advanced Health Care Resources (AHCR) is one of the leading manufacturers of medical and endourology equipment. Committed to excellence, AHCR continually provides premium services and quality endourology equipment at competitive prices. The products of AHCR are reliable, safe and are widely used by medical and healthcare professionals all across the globe. The AHCR product range includes: the pneumatic intracorporeal lithotripter, intracorporeal lithotripsy system, pulse irrigation system, pulse silent air compressor and endourology equipment.


Endourology Equipment



AHCR offers medical institutions a wide range of endourology equipment. A few of the products in the endourology equipment line are resectoscope and sheath, nephroscope, uretero renoscope, endoscope hysteroscope and the cystoscope sheath. Produced with the latest technology and specially designed for complete customer satisfaction, the edourology equipment is one of the best in the industry. The AHCR endourology equipment is easier to handle, more efficient and safer than other standard equipment. All AHCR endourology equipment is tested to meet international standards in quality.



AHCR has prompt and efficient after sales service and maintenance for all of its medical and endourology equipment.


Intracorporeal Lithotripter

The pneumatic intracorporeal lithotripter comes in two types; the pneumatic intracorporeal lithotripter with probes and the pneumatic intracorporeal lithotripter (pulse). This pneumatic intracorporeal lithotripter is ergonomically designed to increase productivity. All its critical components are imported. The pneumatic intracorporeal lithotripter has efficient fragmentation of kidney stones. The model is digital which is based on the microprocessor. The pneumatic intracorporeal lithotripter has a dual footswitch frequency selection with single/multiple and power pulse settings which is specific to the AHCR pneumatic intracorporeal lithotripter in India. The power pulse setting available in the pneumatic intracorporeal lithotripter is very effective in the fragmentation process of large kidney and bladder stones which is of the order of 4.5 to 5.5 bars of air/compressed.

Lithotripsy System

Manufactured under the brand name of "Pulse Lith", intracorporeal lithotripsy system is used in the field of urology. The operating mode of the intracorporeal lithotripsy system is available in two modes: the single pulse and the multiple pulse modes. With dimensions of 340 mm X 390 mm X 142 mm and a weight of 350 g, this intracorporeal lithotripsy system is light-weight and easy-to-handle. Other state-of-the-art features include durability and the critical components are of the highest quality. The intracorporeal lithotripsy system has optimum power consumption while still giving maximum output. The body of the intracorporeal lithotripsy system is sleek and h4 making this piece of equipment long-lasting.

Pulse Irrigation System

The pulse irrigation system or the pulse irrigator is used not only in urology but also various other medical specialist fields. The diverse machine provides controlled and accurate irrigation and distension of the uterine cavity. Some of the special features of the AHCR pulse irrigation system are: manual and foot switch control and irrigation pressure and flow rate can be monitored by this machine. The pulse irrigation system has compact dimensions and provides a high degree of safety for the user. Available at an affordable price, this pulse irrigation system has a long life-time and requires minimal maintenance. The pulse irrigation system is manufactured ergonomically. Made to provide maximum security to patients, the AHCR pulse irrigation system is specifically designed for provision of greater comfort. The range for the AHRC pulse irrigation system is highly qualitative and tested for maximum safety.

Pulse Silent Air Compressor

The pulse silent air compressor is a state-of-the-art product manufactured by AHCR. The pulse silent air compressor is manufactured according to client requirements and is available with many features. The latest technology has been used in its design. Compact and light weight, the pulse silent air compressor is an asset to any medical facility. The AHCR pulse silent air compressor has been specially designed to not produce any sound vibrations. High quality components are used in the manufacture of the pulse silent air compressor.

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