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Kaizen Imperial is reputed for its Manufacturing, Supplying and Exporting Scientific and Laboratory Equipments. The company’s wide range of Scientific and Laboratory Equipments is widely accepted among its clients. Kaizen caters solutions to the needs of various industries such as chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, etc. Product range from Kaizen includes Laboratory Instruments, Hydrological Instruments, Meteorological Instruments, Soil Testing Instruments, Plant Testing Instrument, Petroleum Testing Instruments and Sensors. This equipment is known for their distinctive features such as reliability, easy operation, durability and high performance.


Kaizen Imperial is supported by a diligent team of workforce that helps in developing a proven range of products. Further, these products are carefully checked by quality controllers on different parameters of quality in order to match the high industrial standards. Today, Kaizen Imperial has been identified as a reputed Manufacturer and Exporter of general laboratory instruments and soil testing instruments.


Automatic Weather Station

This is a Micro controller based Automatic Weather Station which reflects state of the art micro controller based instrumentation design. Both wind speed and direction sensors can be attached with this data logger for collection of real time data automatically. The micro controller converts analog signals from these sensors to digital format. The micro controller has their individual operating software's programmed in their internal EEPROMS and the data acquired by them is stored in their internal data RAM. This micro controller remains in sleep mode and wakes up only when either a signal from the sensor is available or when they receive control signals from the master controller for acquiring the stored data. The micro controller has its internal memory along with an additional 512K EEPROM, a real time clock with an LCD (16 X 2) to display the instrument status. The Automatic Weather Station is good for its robust construction, trouble free performance, low maintenance, and high durability.

Memmert Universal Oven

Kaizen’s Memmert Universal Oven is exclusive equipment deviced for Chemical industries & Research laboratories. Kaizen Imperial has specialized in the manufacture and export of Memmert Universal Oven which is made out of advanced technology. These Universal Ovens are widely used in various industrial applications. The Universal ovens come with a double walled construction, inner chamber made of anodized steel, mild steel outer body, temperature control by hydraulic thermostat (50o-250oC), complete thermal sealing, adjustable perforated trays and 220/230V AC operation. Kaizen designs Memmert Universal Ovens of dimensions varying between 28-252Lts.

Bomb Calorimeter

The Bomb Calorimeter manufactured by Kaizen Imperial is supplied with calorimeter vessel supported by a bomb, combined lid for calorimeter vessel and water jacket, water jacket, stirrer, commenting leads, connecting tube to connect to pressure gauge. The Calorimeter also has a valve for bomb and valve key and is supplied without oxygen cylinder. Bomb Calorimeter is tested as per the standards of Institute of Petroleum (IP 12/63T). The bomb has a capacity of 300ml approximately and has been provided with a high pressure Schroder valve. The bomb calorimeter is majorly used to determine heat combustion of organic matter, calorific value and sulphur content of coal, solid and liquid fuels. Kaizen’s robust design bomb calorimeter offers a low and safe maintenance.

Water Level Recorder (Pressure Type)

Kaizen Imperial is a prime Manufacturer and Supplier of Pressure Type Water Level Recorder which is Micro controller based. It is a Digital Water Level Recorder of Pressure type. This instrument is widely used for Open channel, Dam and Lake level monitoring. Kaizen’s Pressure Type Water Level Recorders are offered under different specifications. Different ranges of the pressure type recorder are 10, 35, 100, 200 & 300 meters. Measurements can automatically be stored in system’s memory with date & time in an excel sheet and the entire set up is enclosed in a hard shell to protect the data logger. It uses replaceable SMF batteries and also integral solar panels to ensure longer battery life.

Soil Tensiometer

Tensiometer provides a direct measure of the tension at which water is held in soil, and therefore the suction plant roots need to exert in order to extract water. This instrument comprises a water filled tube which is sealed at one end, with a porous ceramic filter at the other end. The specifications of this filter are such that, when buried in soil, it will allow water to flow freely through it, but not air. Tensiometer is available in standard lengths of 15, 30, 45, 60, 90, 120 cm. Used with row, tree, and field crops. Includes reservoir, air free gauge chamber, and hermetically sealed dial type vacuum gauge with dual scale of millibars (-1000 to 0) and mmHg (-760 to 0) range.

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