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Greiner Bio-One International AG, established in 2001 is a world market leader in the field of biotechnology, diagnostics, pharmaceutical and medicine and in vitro diagnostics.  The innovative products make routine procedures in hospitals, laboratories and doctors’ offices simpler, safer and more efficient. Greiner Bio-One has four business divisions: Preanalytics manufactures specimen collection systems for hospitals, laboratories and blood banks; BioScience products for the diagnostics industry, biotechnology and research; Diagnostics specializes in the development of molecular biological analysis methods (DNA-arrays). As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Greiner Bio-One is a long-term partner for the industry.

Greiner Bio-One has its own research centers in Rainbach, Austria and Frickenhausen, Germany, where teams of scientists and engineers work on new developments as well as the continual optimization of the product range.

The Preanalytics product range is comprehensive, including products for blood collection, urine collection and specimen collection. The VACUETTE® products are sold in over 100 countries worldwide. They are reliable and simple to use. The VACUETTE® blood collection system consists of blood collection tubes, multiple use drawing needles and various other blood collection accessories.

The Diagnostics Business Division

The Diagnostics business division, founded recently on 1st January 2014 is the newest Greiner Bio-One division. The field of activities includes molecular infection diagnostics, a market which is growing more and more due to the international growth in population.


Venous Blood Collection

The VACUETTE® PREMIUM Tubes are made out of unbreakable PET. The Tubes are equipped with a safety screw cap. This ensures a gentle, controlled opening movement. Either for manual or for automated tube decapping. If necessary, the tubes can be opened with one hand. All components of the system are available in different versions, in a broadly diversified product line.


The VACUETTE® Blood Collection Tube range covers all necessities in the modern routine laboratory as well as in the specialized laboratory. The tube holder and venipuncture system can be chose depending on the patient’s individual vein conditions and varying safety requirements.


Capillary Blood Collection

The MiniCollect® System combines innovative technique and flexibility in handling. The tube caps have unique “Cross Cuts” which allow filling without the need to open the tube. The closed system reduces risk of contamination and makes easy, hygienic sample collection possible. The tubes can be filled either with a funnel or a capillary. MiniCollect® tubes with anticoagulants and additives for all application areas allow for easy handling. Specially designed carrier tubes make centrifugation possible in standard instruments.

Urine Collection System

The VACUETTE® Urine Collection System comprises urine collection tubes, collection beakers, urine transfer units and a 24h collection container. The tubes are supplied with or without preservative. Round base and conical base tubes are available. By using the VACUETTE® Urine Collection System hygienic sample collection & stabilization, transport and laboratory processing can be ensured.


The VACUETTE® Urine System enables a closed, sterile urine collection that in turn will improve the sample quality and guarantee the efficiency of the testing procedure. Tubes are available with or without preservatives. Round-based tubes are used for chemical urine tests, whilst tubes with a conical base are used for microscopic examinations of urine sedimentation.


Disposable Tourniquet

The VACUETTE® Super-T is used in routine blood collection to apply pressure to the arm to make the veins more prominent and easier to feel and find. The VACUETTE® Super-T is a single-use, disposable tourniquet made of silicone and coated with talcum powder. It does not contain any components made of dry rubber and is non- DEHP.

Safety Tube Holder

The safety shield of the newly designed holder can now be positioned in any direction. Right-handed and left-handed users can now rotate the safety shield to the position that suits them best.


The VACUETTE® QUICKSHIELD Safety Tube Holder from Greiner Bio-One is especially suitable for routine blood collection. There is no change to the usual collection technique, and the safety shield is activated either one-handed with the aid of a solid surface or with the thumb.



This product can provide the user with the simplest handling and reliable infection protection. Now available as a complete product with pre-assembled VACUETTE® VISIO PLUS Needle: VACUETTE® QUICKSHIELD Complete PLUS.


ESR Instruments

The safe and reliable ESR readers are distinguished by their simple handling. They are fully automated and can be used in the ward, doctor`s office and in a laboratory. The readers work using infrared-sensors, which in contrast to visual methods guarantee improved reproducibility of results. The readers are used with special VACUETTE® ESR tubes.

Genspeed® MRSA

Greiner Bio-One has developed the Genspeed® Test System, a unique molecular diagnostics system that combines crude lysis of bacteria with multiplex-PCR before the final automated analysis of PCR-products in the new Genspeed® R2 device. The complete analysis including the detection on the Genspeed® R2 Analyzer takes under 100 min. The portfolio of CE-IVD certified molecular diagnostic tests of Greiner Bio- One for the detection of nosocomial infections is growing.


For rapid detection of MRSA, the Genspeed® MRSA Test running on the Genspeed® Test System was developed. It is a DNA-based in-vitro diagnostic tool for qualitative detection of MRSA from human nasal and pharyngeal smears, targeting both resistance genes mecA and mecC.



With the Genspeed® C.Diff OneStep Test, toxigenic C. Difficile can be rapidly identified by detecting genes for glutamate dehydrogenase (GDH), toxin A, toxin B and binary toxin in a single, molecular diagnostic test.


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