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Key Products : Medical Panel PC, Mobile Tablet PC and Medical Mobile Cart Computing

Onyx Healthcare Inc is a professional medical IT company in providing trusted, innovative products, customer-centric design services and medical pc solutions. Onyx cooperates closely with our partners to provide comprehensive medical products such as Smart View Tablet PC, Medical computers and Mobile Computing Cart in the professional Hospital / Clinical IT market. Our products offer the advantages of filmless and paperless interaction in the hospital environment and all product solutions guarantee reliable quality (EN-60601-1 and UL-60601-1). In 2012, Onyx has received notable awards such as the "Taiwan Excellence Award 2013" in ZEUS series and Bedside Infotainment Terminal.


Product application focus on Hospital Automation



  • High-Acuity Task Area
  • The emergency department, Intensive care, labor and delivery units, neonatal ICUs, operatingrooms, post-anesthesia care units, and the radiology department.
  • Clinic/Nursing Station Area
  • PACs processing and daily hospital tasks.
  • Outpatient Area
  • Patient monitoring and patient home care.



Feature Products:



  • Medical IT: Advanced Medical Stations, Medical Grade Slim Panel PCs, Medical Grade Fanless Panel PCs.

  • Medical Platform: Mobile Nursing Cart, Bedside Infotainment Terminal.

  • Medical IT & Platform Accessory: Medical Grade Monitors, Medical Mounting Accessories.


Slim Fanless panel PC

Slim Fanless Medical Panel Pc is designed to meet the requirements and still be cost effective. It is running an Intel Atom processor, and it included all necessary input slots within its ultra slim chassis. The flexibility of slim fanless all in one medical panel PC is perfect for hospital applications such as mobile nursing station, wall-mount diagnosis panel, pharmacy automation and hospital administration automation.


Slim Fanless Medical Panel PC Features



  • Green Operation
  • Flexible Power Input
  • High Speed Wireless Data Transmission
  • Processing in Compact Size
  • Small to large LCD Choices
  • Quiet, Clean & Easy Maintenance


Mobile Tablet PC

Medical mobile Tablet is specially tailored for hospital nursing application. With its ultra slim body and NVIDA processor, it delivers great performance easy to handle by a nurse. The Medical Tablet has built-in barcode scanner and RFID to help reduce patient confirmation time and human error. A fully charged device will also last one 8-hour shift and it support both Android and Window OS. Onyx Medical Table Device will help eliminate the need of paperwork and unionize the paperwork into electronic information. Therefore, nurse can instantly access patient records thru Onyx medical table.


Medical Mobile Tablet PC Solution






  • Light weight & compact size
  • Gorilla glass for best protection
  • Easy clinical access by barcode & RFID
  • Dual OS support for both Windows and Android


Medical Mobile Cart Computing Solution

Onyx medical mobile cart computing solution is all in one panel computer that provides 24/7 non-stop service and offers true mobility. Venus, the medical portable computer, features dual hot swappable batteries system and universal mounting slots. The battery system allow users to replace one of the batteries without turning the computer off .Also, the dual batteries design supply a very long running time and short charging time. Lightweight design with Magnesium alloy rear cover provides high strength and great heat dissipation, and it has mounting slots that will fit any medical cart. Small features that come with the unit such as RFID, reading light bar, and smart card scanner come in handy for the operator.


Venus Series





  • Wide product range for both 4:3 and 16:9
  • Built-in dual battery to provide 125W power for standing 6 hours operating.
  • Support running as 24/7 by swapping batteries.
  • With magnesium alloy rear cover provides high strength, light weight, and great heat dissipation.
  • sBMS, smarter battery management system
  • Hi-speed recharge, flexible mounting type


ZEUS Series

Smart view medical station -Zeus is the symbol of strength and power, and so does our Medical Station Zeus. It was designed to fulfill surgical high spec requirements such as OR, ICU, ER and Reading Room. Zeus’s isolated ports are extremely important as they will connect to devices that are directly connected to the patient. Onyx has spent two years developing the new Zeus Series, the Smart View Medical Station, and it gives doctors crystal clear imaging when viewing PAC, ENDO, or just EMR. Other than surgical suite, Zeus all in one high performance spec will also benefit in ambulatory care, telemedicine, and administration.


Smart View Medical Station Features:



  • 1st Intel® Quad Core i7 Platform for Critical Applications
  • Super 3.0 for USB, SATA and PCI-e
  • DICOM Compliance Display
  • MIS with Remote Control Power
  • Triple Isolation Protection to Patient
  • Backup Battery for Uninterruptible Power Supply


Bedside Infotainment

Healthcare Infotainment solutions equipped with Intel processor and a lot of extra features such as VOIP phone, web camera, RFID and optional barcode scanner. We offer different sizes of Bedside Infotainment Series, and they are all-in-one terminal with touch panel LCDs with high brightness, low power system, wide viewing angles, and anti-microbial design. Onyx Bedside Infotainment series allows customers to select from a wide variety of bedside solution that best fit their need and budget.

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