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Category : Emergency Care

Key Products : Air Ambulance Evacuation, Local Road Ambulance Evacuation

EMSOS is India's foremost air ambulance and medical assistance company, providing retrieval and repatria-tions of critically ill people and injured to - and - from India and abroad. We have a reputation of providing the best air ambulance emergency assistance service in India.


EMSOS emergency assistance and medical air ambulance services are of global standards that are managed by highly experienced and qualified personnel. EMSOS MEDICAL intends to provide Advanced Medical Critical Care to the patients on an Emergency basis 24x7, 365 days a year resulting from trauma, mass disasters, various advanced medical problems.



EMSOS has, a 24 hours Alarm Center manned by medical professionals who provide advice and assistance to those in need. EMSOS EMPHASES on provision of EGDT and golden hours concept in its most detailed form with the team of experts from various medical specialties working together.


Air Ambulances

EMSOS have been repatriating patients on chartered aircrafts/commercial jetliners& helicopters with medical escorts within India and rest of the world. EMSOS Doctors and Paramedics are well-qualified professionals who efficiently provide coordinated "bedside to bedside" transfer worldwide.

EMSOS air medical ambulance services caters to those individuals who require medical assistant while travelling, whether it is as a stretcher case on life support system or as an escort for those disabled and/ or unable to tend for themselves during their flight back home. Any person requiring any from of medical assistant for critical or non-critical care transport mayuse this service.

EMSOS uses the latest "State- of- the- art" equipment that can provide ICU care on Charter & commercial flights. Though a patient may only require minimal care, the air ambulance always takes all standard emergency equipment and medication.

Road Ambulances

EMSOS provides road ambulances from New Delhi equipped with complete life saving equipment (cardiac monitors/ defibrillators/ ventilators etc.) medications and medical teams. A comprehensive bed-to-bed service with State-of-Art ground ambulances allows continuation of expert care during transportation.

EMSOS ground ambulance fleet consists of Mercedes and Tempo-traveller variety, which have been designed primarily for the transport of the critically ill and injured. These are ACLS ambulances, which are ideal for long distance transfers due to their size and design. We can safely transfer patients on life support systems and have done hundreds of long distance road ambulances from remote and urban areas.

EMSOS medical teams are chosen based on the needs of the patient. When required, specialists accompany the patient (e.g. - Cardiologists, paediatrician, obstetrician etc. EMSOS personnel remain in constant communication with the treating doctors with regular updated on the progress of the patient's condition.

First Aid / CPR Training

  • 24- Hour medical alarm centre, for medical calls handling and medical assistance.
  • Stationing of fully equipped Ground Ambulances at various facilities for Medical Backup (office premises/ corporate meetings & conferences/ Hotels/ Special Events/ Rally's etc).
  • Arrangement of medical treatment locally and assistance for admissions in hospitals.
  • Medical management at conferences & meetings.
  • Site Medical Surveys.
  • Remote Site medical cover.
  • First Aid Training & Kits.
  • Provide Medical Referrals for the clients across India.

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