Company : Radpharm Scientific

Category : Diagnostics and Imaging

Key Products : Manufacturer and Supplier of Quality Radiopharmaceuticals

Since its inception in 1996, Radpharm Scientific has enjoyed two decades as a dependable, leading manufacturer and supplier of quality radiopharmaceuticals. We maintain distinction as specialists in the manufacture and supply of quality imaging products for nuclear medicine and medical imaging, to our domestic and international medical diagnostic community.


We offer simple and timely access to imaging quality around the globe. We have customer support for Australia, and distributors in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, and New Zealand. Our network of distribution is rapidly expanding.



Superior quality products enable clear and timely scanning to aid rapid and accurate diagnosis. Committed to excellence, our mission is to retain our position as a leader in providing high quality, patient focused products, and customer satisfaction.



We welcome customer feedback to enable us to continuously improve the quality of our products and services.



Carefully selected specialists make up our dedicated team of professionals. Our quality team includes expertise in radiopharmaceutical chemistry and nuclear medicine technology.



Skilled specialists in quality assurance, pharmacology, production and business management are integrated with professionals in global and regional Regulatory frameworks.



Radpharm Scientific’s comprehensive capabilities, as a division of Global Medical Solutions Australia Pty Ltd, can meet your nuclear medicine imaging needs.



Radpharm Scientific holds cGMP certification from the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for Manufacture of Therapeutic Goods. TGA certification is recognised by all ICH countries; EMEA, and FDA.



We have four core business components:



  • Manufacture and supply of Tc99m radiopharmaceutical ‘cold kits’
  • GMP Contract Manufacture business: in partnership with biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry & veterinary.
  • GLP Contract Laboratory Analysis
  • Drug development and GMP fill and finish manufacture



Our vision:



We aim to preserve our position as the premier Australian supplier of radiopharmaceuticals and expand regional and global awareness of our products.



By provision of superior quality products and services, in a timely and efficient manner, we aim to meet and exceed customer satisfaction in Australasia using a collaborative style of business.



By continued commitment to excellence we will provide innovative and exceptional products and services through continuous enhancement of people, procedures & processes



By focussing on high quality products for both individual patients, and technological requirements, whether large or small, we can meet your needs.



Radpharm Scientific, for products to meet your needs, and outcomes to surpass your expectations



For clear, accurate scans to aid timely diagnoses, choose Radpharm Scientific



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Bone Scan Whole Body

  • MDP [Tc99m-Medronate] bone scanning
  • PYP [Tc99m-Stannous Pyrophosphate] red blood cell labeling
  • COLLOID [Tc99m-Calcium Phytate] liver / spleen imaging
  • DMSA [Tc99m-Succimer] renal cortex imaging
  • DTPA [Tc99m-Pentate] renal imaging
  • LEUCOCYTE LABELLING KIT [Tc99m-Tin Colloid] infection & inflammation imaging
  • HEPATOLITE® [Tc99m-Disofenin] liver imaging - CIS-US Inc
  • PULMOLITE® [Tc99m-Aggregated Albumin] pulmonary imaging - CIS-US Inc

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Radpharm Scientific
59 Oatley Court, Belconnen,
Canberra, ACT, Australia, 2617
Phone : +61 2 6251 6533
Fax : +61 2 6253 3325

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