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Category : Diagnostics and Imaging

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GE Voluson E8

The specifications for systems on stock might not be fully updated.

YOM: 2009
Software: 9.0.8 BT09
Probes: RAB4-8D and C1-5D.
Options: Advanced 4D, DICOM, Advanced VCI, SonoAVC, Expert, and BT Activation.
Applications: OB/GYN

General Information

The Voluson E8 from GE is a great system for Women’s Health. It is a popular system and comes with a number of solutions to increase workflow and to increase the consistency of exams performed. It was designed for comfort and ease of use. It comes with the VCAD tool and a new 4D transvaginal probe for earlier detection of foetal abnormalities.

Philips iU22

The specifications for systems on stock might not be fully updated.

YOM: 2007
Probes: C8-5, L9-3, and L17-5.
Options: Basic 3D Imaging, Netlink DICOM 3.0, SmartExam, Panoramic Imaging, Language Option French, Clinical Option: Abdomen, Contrast – General Imaging, GYN, Musculoskeletal, OB, Pediatric, Small Parts, TCD, Urology, and Vascular.
Applications: OB/GYN

General Information

The IU22 from Philips as a high quality and very popular ultrasound system for OB/GYN. It offers great image quality and several options that allow innovative but still easily managed examinations. It offers several features to increase image quality, such as xSTREAM architecture and SonoCT. Furthermore, is was designed to perform 2D, 3D, and 4D examinations.

Siemens Symphony TIM

YOM: 2006
Field of strength: 1.5T
Coils: Head Matrix coil, Neck Matrix coil, Spine Matrix coil, Body Matrix coil, CP Extremity, CP Flex Large & Small, CP Head Array, CP Spine Array, and Shoulder Array.
Software options: Neuro Suite, Angio Suite, Cardiac Suite, Body Suite, Onco Suite, Breast Suite, VIEWS, Ortho Suite, Pediatric Suite, Scientific Suite, SPACE
Gradient: 30
Slew rate: 120

General Information

The Symphony TIM from Siemens is a high-quality MRI that offers excellent image quality in a compact design. It is a good system for its age and have a low cryogen consumption – this lowers the costs of maintenance.

Siemens Novation DR

YOM: 2007

  • Model: P40 MoW-100G
  • YOM: 2015

Detector YOM: 2015
Accessories: 5 plexiphantoms, 5 compressionpaddles, and 3 facialprotections.

General Information

The Novation DR from Siemens is a digital mammography system. It comes with excellent image quality to ensure early detection of diseases. It is easy to use, and is designed to decrease the discomfort typically associated with a mammography examinations.

Toshiba Aquilion 64

The specifications for systems on stock might not be fully updated.

YOM: 2005


  • YOM: 2017
  • Count: 4,352

Generator type: Spellman

General Information

The CT Toshiba Aquilion 64 is easy to use and offers high quality CT examinations. It can live up to the challenges of your needs due to several features that increase image quality and improve dose-management. It captures excellent images of the heart in less than 10 seconds, and enables early detection of heart disease.  Furthermore, it is good for full-body examinations, and ensures low radiation and contrast doses. It also works well in low signal conditions.