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Hicks Thermometers India Ltd. established in 1962, with an aim to provide premium quality products that count high on quality, consistency and reliability. Hicks is the market leader in medical instruments like clinical thermometers, digital thermometers, diagnostic products & equipment, medical disposable, medical surgical instruments and health care products and are well known as medical instruments supplier, clinical thermometers supplier and digital thermometers supplier.


Hicks Thermometers India Ltd. manufactures and markets a wide range of medical and healthcare products. The product portfolio includes thermometers, medical digital thermometers, diagnostic products & equipment, medical disposable, automatic blood pressure monitors, digital blood pressure monitors, automatic digital blood pressure monitors and many more health care products. The product comprises of Digital Thermometer, Povidone-Iodine Solution I.P., Adult Diaper, Plaster of Paris Bandages, Crepe Bandage, Pregnancy Card/Cassette etc.



Hicks Thermometers India Ltd continually incorporates internationally accepted technologies and techniques for production. This ensures requisite standards in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness.



Hicks Thermometers India Ltd follows Total Quality Management and have ISO 9001:2008 certification. All glass thermometers have BIS certification & all products manufactured in accordance with the internationally accepted norms and regulations.


Digital Thermometer DT-101N

Hicks Thermometers India Ltd manufactures and supplies thermometers that ensure high degree precision measurement. These digital thermometers, medical thermometers and medical digital thermometers can be used as household item or in hospitals. They are accurately calibered , either medical digital thermometer or mercury glass thermometer. The packing of these thermometres is done according to international standards i.e. clinical thermometers are provided with durable carrying cases.


DT-101N - Hicks Digital Thermometer has features like:



  • Memory & Beeper
  • Safe, Fast clinically accurate
  • Oral, Rectal or Underarm use
  • Both for adult & children
  • Automatic shut-off



Other thermometers are:



  • Xperia Digital Thermomter DX-707
  • Bling Digital Thermomter (German Design) DX-800
  • Hicks Flexi Tip DT-402
  • Hicks Digital DX-100
  • Hicks Akutem A-01
  • Hicks Dumark A-02
  • Hicks Optima A-03
  • Hicks Baby Rectal A-05
  • Hicks Veterinary A-06
  • Hicks Basal A-07        
  • Hicks Oval O-01
  • Hicks XL O-02


Povidone-Iodine Solution I.P.

Povidone-Iodine Solution I.P. is avalable as HS-01(100ml), HS-05(500ml), HS-20 (2 LTRS.). Known as  Hixadine Microbicidal Solution

Hicks Care - Adult Diapers

The adult diapers have Refastenable frontal panel, Soft, noiseless waterproof back sheet with wetness indicator, Super absorbent double core and empossed channels for faster liquid absorption, Super soft & anti bacterial absorbent polymer layer, Re-sealable tapes, Lengthwise barriers (Leak Guard) right to the edge. The Adult Diapers have Shelf life Minimum 5 Years.


These Adult Diapers are available in sizes like:



  • Adult Diaper Hicks Care DM-10
  • Hicks Care DL-10
  • Hicks Care Light CLM-10
  • Hicks Care Adult Diaper (Large) CLL-10
  • Hicks Care Adult Diaper (Medium) CLM-10


Plaster of Paris Bandages - Hixfix

Plaster of Paris Bandages - Hixfix is smooth cast bandage consisting of superior quality of creamy texture (leno / gauze) fabric evenly impregnated with fine quality of Plaster of paris (GYPSUM) powder mixture with minimum setting time. Plaster of Paris Bandages  - Hixfix  is  available in the sizes of Z-01: Hixfix 10cm X 2.7Z-02, Hixfix 15cm X 2.7mtr


Features of Plaster of Paris Bandages  - Hixfix:



  • Hixfix  is made from light weight fine POP powder & Leno / gauze, fabric light weight, easy to use with high compression & tensile strength. Hixfix is smooth, creamy finish & cosmetic look bandage. Easy and excellent mould ability & consistent layer to merging. Higher concentration & retention of pop powder ensuring durable cast strength.


  • Quick saturation, Rapid setting time, Minimum loss of free powder.
  • Hixfix has excellent water absorbency capacity, shorter immersion, rapid setting time, minimal wet & dry powder loss, reduces repeat use of bandages and is very economical.
  • Smooth finish, strong, durable.  Minimal blind spots on water absorption and no dry patches on bandages.


Applications of Plaster of Paris Bandages - Hixfix:



  • Immobilization of all types of simple and compound fractures.
  • Bone fractures, joint diseases, osteotomy correction and prevention of club - foot deformity.
  • For treatment of dislocation of hip, other orthopaedic fractures, split, soft tissue injuries, spinal tuberculosis and trauma.


Crepe Bandage

The Crepe Bandage can easily be disposed off after the usage. 


These Bandages come with Fast Edges,  are Cotton Crepe Bandage B.P., Stretched to length of 4m, Available in 6cm, 8cm,10cm & 15cm. The Crepe Bandages are well known in the market as CR-01 (6cm), CR-02 (8cm), CR-03 (10cm), CR-04 (12cm).



Another model of Crepe Bandage is Flexi Crepe Bandage which is a Cotton Crepe Bandage B.P.C. , Available in 2",3",4", stretched to a length of 4mtrs. Well known as CR-11(5cm), CR-12(7.5cm), CR-13(10cm)


Pregnancy Test Card

Hicks offer a comprehensive range of Diagnostic Products like HCG Pregnancy Test Strips, HCG Pregnancy Test Cards HCG Pregnancy Test Cassettes that are widely used in various therapeutic / medical applications.


The various Pregnancy Card/Cassette manufactured by Hicks, avalable in the market are:



  • Easy Check PT-03
  • Sleek PT-05
  • Easy Check (Gold) Premium PT-06
  • Easy Check PT-01



The Pregnancy Card/Cassette has below features:



  • One Step Pregnancy (HCG) Test Cassette/Card
  • HCG Pregnancy Test Cards are small Sized & Economical.
  • The HCG pregnancy test cards is a fast, easy to use, qualitative immunoassay for detecting human Chrorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) in urine or both urine and serum samples
  • Superior Technology : Rapid Elisa Immuno Chromatographic Technique
  • Superior Sensitivity : 20mlU/ml - Detects Pregnancy on the day missed period



Superior Results: Darker bands without smudging or Ghost image within 5 mins.


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