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Key Products : Centrifuge Bucket Corrector, Portable Blood Donor Lounge

INSIGNIA, an ISO9001: 2008 SGS, certified company was established in the year 2000, with a vision to introduce an international quality of Equipment and Accessories for Modern Blood Banking. Careful study, interaction with experts, dedicated research, incorporating innovative features; professional marketing coupled with a strong service back up has resulted in making Insignia a force to reckon with. A decade of experience with an exhaustive and ever expanding list of users motivated Insignia to introduce newer product range each year. Many products introduced for the first time for Today’s Blood Banking have gained Recognition among its reputed customers.

Centrifuge Bucket Corrector

(Electronic Counter Balance) CB-30X

CB-30X (Electronic) has two separate Pans to measure two centrifuge buckets separately. Electronic Counter Balance weighs up to a maximum of 2500gms. The bucket corrector has an LCD display for displaying weight of each Pan with in-built audio-visual alarm.  CB-30X has a taring switch and calibration port with power connection of 210-240 Volts, 50 Hz. AC.

Weight: 4.5Kgs and has protective cover to prevent accidental damage to the electronic Load Cells.

Portable Blood Donor Lounge

Insignia’s portable blood donor lounges offer the following features: Lightweight and foldable blood donor lounge, High Grade Stainless Steel frame with screw less rivets, Easy to move and operate, Lays like a chair for comfortable donor posture. Seat, head rest & arm rest can be adjusted to phlebotomy postures. Mechanical control for head positioning.  Arm rests can swing in & out. Upholstery is dust resistant & washable.

RH View box

The RVB-8L from Insignia is a blood typing tool used in RH determination. It is compact and portable. It can be used for warning slides for gram-strain. The RH View Box also deals with tissue typing. It enables reading enzyme anti-body screens in a micro plate. It is a compact economical slide-warmer. It has soft, fluorescent and glare free light. It also has a built-in temperature indicator & controller.

Blood Collection Monitor

Blood Collection Monitor is precious commodity. Every donation must be handled with great care, ensuring optimal safety and comfort for the donor. To provide Blood Transfusion Centers with equipment that meets their requirements, Insignia develops and manufactures reliable, innovative blood collection monitors. It can be powered from main (AC ~ 220 V) or rechargeable battery. BM-35X is a compact, reliable, autonomous multipurpose mixer ideal for both stationery and mobile collection. It can be programmed for drawing specific initial amount of blood. It continuously displays real time weight of blood collected and it automatically releases when lifted.

Plasma Thawing Water Bath

Insignia’s plasma thawing bath PT-100 for 370C or the Cryoprecipitate Bath at 20– 60C (refrigerated) equipment can maintain water temperature at 370C and 40C. It has stainless steel shelves to hold plasma bags up to 12 units. It is a fully automatic control system and the microprocessor displays time & temperature. It has controlled water inlet & outlet system, with low water level display. As an optional feature the temperature records can also be printed with a dot matrix printer.

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