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In the field of Medical Refrigeration Industry DEEPEE takes care of its clients since 1980 and introduces new technologies in terms of improving products' performance, temperature accuracy, durability and reducing energy consumption and maintenance in its Medical Refrigeration Products to serve its clients in Blood Banks, Pharma & Biotech industries and R & D Laboratories.


Deepee offers custom made refrigeration equipments as per customers' requirement for special design, specific materials, automation in controlling & data acquisition and cryogenic temperature equipment up to –135o C. for scientific and industrial research institutes, pharmaceutical, bio-tech and clinical research companies and blood banks whether their application is straight forward or complicated.



CFC-Free refrigerants and foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation has been used in all products, which have been identified by the Montreal Protocol as saving natural atmosphere and Earth's precious Ozone layer.



Deepee products are manufactured under strict quality and safety standards as in manufacturing process with tested parts / components for durability of products manufactured. Deepee Cooling Products Pvt. Ltd. Products are manufactured as per international quality standard of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003.


Low Temperature Freezer

DEEPEE Ultra Low Temperature Freezers – 80°C. Are designed and manufactured to provide safe and ideal environment to biological and clinical samples, temperature sensitive drugs, bone marrow, stem cell, nucleic acid (DNA/RNA) etc.


Field trial testing, continuous technical improvements and combination of design & engineering expertise results in low power consumption, temperature stability and low maintenance offer peace of mind that your material is safely stored, day after day, year in and year out. Advanced Auto calibrated µP ULTControl System offers highest temperature accuracy with RS-485 interface for data management through desktop PC.


Plasma Freezer – 40° C

DEEPEE Plasma Freezers40oC. provides ideal environment to blood plasma bags. Enriched experience since 1980 in refrigeration industry and field trial and testing and continuous technical improvements DEEPEE has designed the best product that can maintain excellent temperature inside the cabinet in high ambient temperature of 32oC. which results in low energy consumption.


Eco friendly CFC-Free robust refrigeration system increases reliability, performance and life of the equipment. Most advanced Auto CalibratedMicroprocessor based µP 404 control system ensures high temperature accuracy and RS-485 computer interface port facilitates temperature recording and setting through desktop PC located at another room. Eye level door mounted LED temperature display and setting panel for ideal view from long distance and temperature setting.


Plasma Snap Freezer

DEEPEE has introducednew range of INDIGENOUSLYdeveloped plate type SNAP FREEZERS for batch wise snap freezing of plasma bags in continuous cycle without defrosting. New range of SNAP FREEZERS give excellent performance asplasma bags are in direct contact with advanced and state-of-the art technology of evaporator resulting in core temperature of plasma <-25oC. within 30 minutes at room ambient temperature of 25oC. This process ideally increases quality of plasma and Factor VIII. DEEPEE SNAP FREEZER is updated with latest technological advancement and refrigeration technology with safety features of international standard. Plasma Snap Freezer is also available in 12, 24, 36 and 48 bags capacity.

Blood Bank Refrigerator

Deepee Blood Bank Refrigerators provide most ideal blood storage environment and maintain proper temperature in high ambient condition. Due to narrow temperature range (+2oC. To +6oC.) positive air flow system maintains better temperature accuracy and uniformity throughout the blood bank refrigerator. Auto calibrated µP 404 control system is most advanced controller with vast safety features for proper working and to ensure highest temperature accuracy to keep safe environment for blood bags. We offer wide range of Blood Bank Refrigerators from 60 bags to 480 bags of 450 ml. to select from. The refrigerators are especially designed and manufactured for blood banks to provide safe blood.

Pharmacy Refrigerator

Deepee Pharmacy Refrigerators are ideal to keep your valued biological samples, vaccines, reagent kits and blood samples within 2° C. to 8° C.  Positive air flow system and balanced noiseless refrigeration system maintain excellent temperature uniformity even if in higher ambient conditions.  Auto calibrated µP 404 control system is most advanced temperature controlling system with safety features for proper working and to ensure highest temperature accuracy to keep safe environment for material inside the refrigerator.

Platelet Incubator with Agitator

Deepee has engineered the platelet incubator to provide safe environment to platelet bags. Well designed durable cabinet construction with Eco Friendly polyurethane insulation and high efficiency, CFC-Free refrigeration system ensures reliability and efficient performance of Platelet Incubators. Advanced Auto Calibrated Microprocessor based "µP 404 Control System " with integrated PID controlling system maintains  temperature of 22oC. precisely throughout cabinet and inbuilt high quality voltage regulator provides total safety against external voltage fluctuations.


DEEPEE Platelet Agitators are available to accommodate 24, 48 and 96 platelet bags capacity. DEEPEE engineers have utilized their core expertise to engineer durable and robust mechanism of Platelet Agitators to ensure smooth and noise less reciprocating movement of 70 +/- 5 RPM to increase platelet viability. Panel mounted RPM indicator shows current agitation strokes that assures agitator performance with integrated audio visual alarming system activates in case of agitation stops.


Plasma Thawing Bath

DEEPEE Plasma Thawing Bath is appropriate for quick thawing plasma bags at 37oC. Advanced Microprocessor based PID temperature controlling system enables quick response heating element to maintain temperature accuracy. Interior rounded corners and stirring system ensures uniform bath temperature and quality of thawing.

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